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Velotron® delivers laboratory-grade accuracy and repeatability. Built with RacerMate’s signature durability. Enjoy the most realistic, science grade training experience on the world’s most advanced cycle ergometer for less than the price of other research ergometers.

Velotron is used worldwide by the finest universities, sports science labs and coaching centers, often in conjunction with our powerful Wingate software. Throughout the past 10 years, over 1000 sport science research reports have cited Velotron as their testing equipment.

Many of these research reports and scholarly journal articles are freely available (in full text) thanks to Google Scholar.

Precision Load Generation

Precision Load Generation

Countless testing and training applications. Smooth virtual shifting - pedal hard through the gear shift, with no wait or friction.

Radical Flywheel Design

Radical Flywheel Design

Endless coasting for a true road feel, with a current drive powerful enough to deliver the widest spectrum of load resistance.

Fully Adjustable Frame

Fully Adjustable Frame

Dynafit frame adjustment creates a personal fit for every athlete. Engineered with powder-coated, rust-proof stainless steel.

Rehab Frame Option

Rehab Frame Option

The perfect frame option for therapy solutions where maximum ease of on-and-off is required, with full Dynafit adjustability.

  • Velotron Basic (No frame) starts at OUT OF STOCK
  • Velotron with Dynafit Frame starts at OUT OF STOCK
  • Velotron with Rehab Dynafit Frame starts at OUT OF STOCK

  • Commercial and private financing available
  • Shipping weight: Approximately 200 pounds

  • Generates variable load range from 5 to 2000 watts
  • Accuracy of ±1.5% of reading and repeatability of ±0.2 % or better
  • Exceeds competitive laboratory bicycle ergometers costing significantly more
  • Fully adjustable Dynafit Frame for multiple users
  • 55 pound flywheel with free-wheel
  • Limitless coasting creates the most realistic cycling and the most sport-specific training
  • Basic Velotron *MAY* fit bike frames with rear dropout to front dropout measurement between 36"-41.5".

  • Permanently calibrated by first principles dynamometer
  • Patented Accuwatt® calibration verification: always know the state of your device

  • Fixed ratio chain drive
  • Smooth electronic shifting controlled from handlebar or remote gear-shift lever
  • Set virtual gears to mimic up to 30 chain ring combinations on any bicycle

  • Ergometer mode and Bicycle simulation mode
  • Displays watts, cadence, heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories
  • Records instantaneous, average and peak values
  • SpinScan® pedal stroke analysis measures biomechanical efficiency
  • 3D bike courses, two-person races, and performance records
  • Available on Windows XP through Windows 8



View the hundreds of research papers utilizing Velotron's accuracy and repeatability.


Velotron is the most competitively priced electronic Wingate testing platform available today. With Velotron’s quick-cooling design, repeated tests can be done within minutes of each other. Velotron takes into account the acceleration and deceleration of flywheel mass, so wattages shown are pinpoint accurate.

  • Select from 3 available torque functions: Percentage of body weight, Torque (in Newton-meters or Foot-pounds), and Dropped Weight
  • Conversion routine allows quick check of each type relating to the other.
  • Create an unlimited variety of protocols for any test you may want to run.
  • Includes warm-up workloads, variable speed-up durations, variable Wingate durations, and recovery workloads.

  • Results will plot at the end of the test whether the performance file is saved or not.
  • Easily plot any saved performance file from the tree view.
  • Print any plot view for a hard copy of the results.
  • Velotron Wingate Software can display Anaerobic Power and Capacity; Fatigue Index; Total Work and a host of other critical pieces of information.
  • Y-axis scales can be changed to any range in both pre and post analysis.

  • Export performance to Comma Separated Value (“.csv) format for use with your database, client, or performance variable.
  • Print any plot of performance data — or print an entire run of clients’ results by sorting the list by any performance variable within the Wingate Results.csv file.

  • Unlimited database and client storage and creation.
  • Immediate access to any database or client using an intuitive tree structure , or by use of more conventional drop-down menus.

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