William Ankele - ON THE ROAD TO KONA

by / Wednesday, 14 September 2016 / Published in Athletes, News

ON THE ROAD TO KONA - CompuTrainer Age Groupers that are Kona Bound.
William Ankele from Colorado - CompuTrainer User since 2009
“If you want to be competitive in triathlon, you’ve got to be serious about the bike. I’ve been doing triathlons for 34 years and until I got serious about the bike, I was middle-of-the-pack. Being strong on the bike is crucial, not only to keep you in the mix during the bike, but to deliver you in a position to have a great run. If you are weak on the bike, you suffer on both accounts. I bought the CompuTrainer because I wanted to be superior on the bike. Since acquiring my CompuTrainer in 2009, I’ve had tremendous success because my cycling has improved dramatically. I have two age group victories in IM Arizona, a second at Couer d’ Alene, and a third at IM Canada, with three Kona appearances (two top-twenty) and a fourth this year. CompuTrainer gives me the ability to dial in my workouts - in particular interval workouts - which are the key to being a strong cyclist.”