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Velotron Lives On

SRAM acquires RacerMate’s VeloTron.

SRAM is excited to announce the purchase the Velotron product line from RacerMate. SRAM’s Quarq Customer Service team will support existing Velotron customers from its Spearfish, SD location. All Velotron product is currently out of stock, but production will resume later this year. Visit the Velotron website for the latest Velotron related news, support, and contact information.

SRAM’s Velotron aquisition did not include CompuTrainer, and SRAM cannot provide CompuTrainer support or service.

Press release.


Attention Velotron customers, we thank you for your interest and support during our one-time Velotron sale. Our inventory of complete Velotrons is depleted, and only select parts are available at this time. Dismiss