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Velotron is the ONLY commercially available laboratory-accurate electronic bicycle ergometer which permits the use of the rider’s own bicycle frame. Since it is generally acknowledged that testing on a rider’s own bike provides the most meaningful test results, it follows that Velotron has an important advantage over other ergometers.

Velotron also has other important advantages for sports science applications. Its price below $6000 is half the cost of the Lode Ergometer and only a third that of the SRM Ergometer. This price advantage comes with no sacrifice in accuracy, durability, or serviceability. And its maximum load capability of 2000Watts exceeds the physical capabilities of all but a handful of track champions.

The accuracy of each Velotron is established by reference to RacerMate’s in-house laboratory bicycle dynamometer which can be read to an accuracy of 1%. Of perhaps greater importance is the fact that Velotron’s repeatability is in a class by itself – better than 0.01%! The system is permanently calibrated at the factory, and there is nothing inherent in the design which would lead to calibration drift in the field. The calibration can be checked before each use with Accuwatt, a proprietary calibration verification procedure (Patent Pending) which takes less than 10 seconds.

Velotron durability is expected to exceed that of CompuTrainer, which in commercial applications has reached 125,000 race cycles without failure with a service life of 10 years or more. Occasional cleaning and oiling of the drive chain is the only routine maintenance step required.

A modular design insures easy serviceability. The eddy current brake/electronics sub-assembly is housed in a single aluminum enclosure which can be easily removed and exchanged for a factory replacement so that downtime is essentially eliminated. The Velotron system software is Windows PC based and highly versatile. Testing and training protocols can be established either in terms of watts and time, or distance and grade. The results are displayed instantaneously as well as in averages and maximum values for each performance variable. Variables displayed and recorded include watts, heartrate, speed, cadence, distance, SpinScan number, left/right leg power split, and PulsePower number (watts per heartbeat per pound).