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  Velotron follows in the tradition of its predecessor CompuTrainer, a portable electronic trainer to which you attach your own bicycle. However, the Velotron design differs significantly from the CompuTrainer design. Velotron is a complete, free standing electronic ergometer which incorporates its own road or city frame, comes completely assembled ready-to-ride, and is designed to stay in one place.

Velotron simulates riding on the road better than any previous ergometer/trainer. The largest and heaviest flywheel ever incorporated in a bicycle ergometer/trainer gives it the smoothest ride yet devised, and the flywheel freewheel adds downhill coasting to its list of authentic features. Equipped with 2000 Watts of lab-accurate power the system creates road (or off-road) grades up to 25% – more than enough to reproduce the toughest hills that humans can climb on a bicycle. And its 24-gear electronic shifting system (from 20 to 132 gear inches) provides all the gears you need to climb those hills. The Velotron design is totally slip-free, regardless of the steepness of the grade, since it does not have the tire/roller interface characteristic of other bike trainers. Whether you’re an Ironman triathlete, road racer, mountain biker, ultra-marathoner, track racer, or recreational cyclist, the Velotron will create the exact training conditions needed to raise your performance to the maximum.

While Velotron’s advanced performance features satisfy the most stringent requirements of sport scientists and medical professionals, it’s also the most convenient of bike trainers for personal use. It comes fully assembled ready to plug in to your PC. Although it comes equipped with its own road or city frame, it can also accept any frame the user wishes to use, including tandem, MTB, or recumbent. If cycling is your passion, equipping a Velotron with a custom frame identical to your road bike is the sound approach. Improvements in bike fit, technique, and equipment accomplished on the Velotron can then be easily transferred to your road bike.
SpinScan Electronic Pedal Stroke Analysis
An exclusive feature of all RacerMate software — will improve your pedaling efficiency by smoothing out your pedal stroke and balancing your left leg/right leg power split. It’s also an essential tool for optimizing your bike fit to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort, the two go hand-in-hand! Because of its superlative 0.01% repeatability, Velotron is unmatched in its ability to detect small differences in performance. This makes it the perfect tool for achieving the perfect bike fit.

3D Graphics
A full complement of well known 3D courses (from Central Park to Ironman Hawaii) keeps your training interesting. Furthermore, riding a course on Velotron leads to improved race times on the real course. If you live in flat country and your next race is in the mountains, Velotron is the answer. Its 25% grade capability exceeds that of all other bicycle trainers and makes it possible to simulate virtually every road course in the world.

Competitive Racing Format
A two man racing format allows the user to compete against saved performances (of his own or others), against a computer pacer, or against the rider on a second Velotron. This format leads to performance improvement while simultaneously motivating you to stick to your training regimen.;

Data Display and Recording
Testing and training protocols can be established either in terms of watts and time, or distance and grade. The data is displayed instantaneously as well as in averages and maximum values for each performanc variable. Variables displayed and recorded include watts, heartrate, speed, cadence, distance, SpinScan number, left/right leg power split, and PulsePower number (watts per heartbeat per pound). In addition to being displayed numerically the data for each variable is graphed in a single chart for analysis.

The latest software development for owners of RacerMate products is the result of a cooperative venture between our company and DeLorme, a leading supplier of topographical software. The two companies have joined forces to create a joint software set allowing Velotron owners to lay out courses on DeLorme Topo 4.0, which are instantaneously converted into CompuTrainer 3D courses. Because Topo 4.0 covers every inch of the U.S., it’s now possible to create any road or off-road course that interests you. Even the complete Race Across America is now available to you, not to mention your favorite local rides, next Century or tour, or road race, or triathlon/duathlon.