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  Applications in orthopaedic, pulmonary and cardio rehabilitation can benefit from low starting load levels. Because of its negligible internal friction, the Velotron produces accurate loads down to 5 Watts, which is believed to be the lowest load level attainable by any electronic bicycle ergometer in existence. This capability should allow rehabilitation to begin at an earlier stage than previously possible.

It has been demonstrated that bike racers who have undergone orthoscopic knee surgery have been able to begin accelerated rehabilitation a few days after surgery using a CompuTrainer (which has a minimum load of 50 Watts). Professional cyclist Brian Walton underwent extensive knee surgery in May, 1996, and won an Olympic silver medal in August. It may be possible to replicate this approach with non-athletes by using the extremely low starting wattages of the Velotron.

Tests are underway at the Swedish Hospital Pulmonary Lab in Seattle to evaluate the functional effect of low wattage level Velotron exercise regimens for emphysema patients. If these tests are successful the Accuwatt feature of the Velotron (described below) guarantees that in a clinical setting the ultra-low wattage levels employed would be absolutely repeatable.

The Velotron is available in a variety of bike frame styles for different applications. For cycling sport-specific orthopaedic rehabilitation a road bike frame is supplied, or the athlete’s own bike frame may be used. For cardio, pulmonary, and other rehabilitation applications there is an “easy-on/easy-off” style frame which is comfortable for non-athletic patients.

Another Velotron feature of special value in medical applications is Accuwatt (Patent Pending) accuracy verification. The Accuwatt procedure takes less than 10 seconds to verify that the original factory calibration is unchanged and that system repeatability is within the 0.01% performance specification. The original factory calibration test numbers are imbedded in the system software, and the Accuwatt test indicates how close the field results are percentage-wise to the original factory test numbers. Competitive ergometers lack this feature which identifies any degradation in system accuracy. Velotron’s interactive software package is guaranteed to improve your performance and to provide the information and visual stimulation to keep you motivated.