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  A need exists in the health/fitness clubs for higher level bicycle training programs for members who want something more than spinning classes or LifeCycle-like workouts. Velotron meets this need by supporting a range of popular and highly effective cycling and fitness activities. It is likely to become one of the most popular fitness systems in the club. Examples of the unique and varied activities made possible by the Velotron include:

Indoor Recreational Cycling
Advanced Spinning & Cycling Technique
Cycling Conditioning and Training
Weight/Fat Loss
Indoor bike and triathlon competitions
Indoor Recreational Cycling
Velotron offers the most realistic and enjoyable indoor bike riding experience yet devised. It looks like a bike, feels like a bike, and performs like a bike, in perfect safety. The interactive software and 3D graphics provide an unlimited variety of real-life courses to fit all ability levels; any bike course in the world can be exactly duplicated and stored in the software. Psychological motivation to guarantee a high quality workout is provided by an on-screen training partner/pacer. All performances are recorded for future use as the ‘pacer’, and all performance data is displayed on the screen and can be recorded for later review.

Riding a Velotron is a compelling, challenging, interesting experience in its own right which captures the user’s complete attention so that time passes quickly. It’s NOT like lots of other exercise programs where you need to watch TV or read a book to make it tolerable. The competitive racing format of the interactive software alone rivets the rider’s attention. You can either compete alone against the computer pacer (who can be your own best previous performance or the recorded performance of somebody else) or compete head-to-head against the rider on a second Velotron—an exhilarating experience guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping!

The Tandem Velotron, an innovation made possible by the enormous strength and power of the machine, provides yet another way to make the workout enjoyable and engrossing. Two people can either have a sociable ride, go for a new joint record, or compete head-to-head against another couple. It might just be the most popular piece of equipment in the club.

Advanced Spinning and Cycling Technique
Velotron can function as a highly advanced spinning bike. Its large diameter flywheel is 15 lbs., heavier than a spinning bike’s flywheel and giving it an even smoother feel. Its internal freewheel makes it safer because the rider can stop pedalling at any speed while the flywheel simply coasts. Most important of all, the Velotron has the ability to establish precise loads which can be varied electronically. For the first time the spinning instructor can establish the exact load profile for each individual in the class (or the class as a whole) which the Velotron then controls automatically.

Velotron is an excellent tool for teaching bicycling technique. It incorporates real, top quality bicycle components (frame, pedals, seats, crank arms, stems, etc.) which make it possible to duplicate the same biomechanics which are experienced in cycling outdoors. Secondly, it incorporates the renowned SpinScan electronic pedal stroke analysis feature which cycling coaches and champion cyclists and triathlets worldwide are using to improve s cycling performance.

One outside resource available to clubs wishing to establish a cyling program based on Velotron is the John Howard School of Champions, the longest running cycling school in the U.S. John is one of the most successful competitive cyclists in U.S. history. Now in his mid-fifties, John remains an active master’s racer on the U.S. Postal Team (winner of the Tour de France). He is an expert SpinScan analyst and developer of stretching programs to increase flexibility, range of motion and strength as they apply to cycling. John’s program is available under license and he is available on a fee basis to train health club personnel to administer it.

Permanent Fat/Weight Loss
Using the same basic technology on a less advanced level the Peak Centre also operates and licenses a Mission Possible fat/weight loss program that is equally remarkable in its ability to convert fat to muscle, reduce abdominal fat, and achieve permanent weight loss. The Velotron ergometer is the tool which enables the health club to run this highly effective, state-of-the-art fat loss and fitness program. The Mission Possible program is being run as a feeder program to the Advanced Cycling Conditioning program. Each program takes one year, so together they would keep a club member occupied for two years. At the end of this time he/she would be in superb physical condition ready for cycling competitions and advanced long distance touring.

Advanced Cycling Conditioning
Velotron supports one of the most advanced and successful bicycling conditioning programs available anywhere in the world–the program developed and run in Ottawa, Canada, by the Peak Centre for Human Performance. The Peak Centre exercise physiologists are renowned for their expertise in blood lactate measurement and interpretation applied to cycling performance improvement. The combination of Velotron and the Peak program yields truly spectacular improvements for all classes of cyclists from novice through to the national team/professional level. The Peak program is available to health and fitness clubs under license. Visit the Peak Centre website (www.peakcentre.ca) for more details on this state-of-the-art technology.

Indoor Bike and Triathlon competitions
Velotron’s interactive software supports both single and tandem time trials, single and tandem races against the pacer (with or without drafting), and two-man and tandem head to head races (with or without drafting). The enthusiastic reaction to CompuTrainer race competitions during the last decade points to even greater popularity for Velotron racing. The validity of the race results are guaranteed by Velotron’s laboratory grade accuracy. Possibilities for intraclub races, performance rankings/ladders, and interclub competitions abound.

Clubs with swimming pools and running facilities can stage indoor triathlons using Velotron for the bike portion. Winter triathlons using a special format have been enthusiastically received in health clubs in northern Ohio for many years. The race promoter (a regional official of USA Triathlon and a summer triathlon race director) has instruction manuals explaining in detail how to run such events and is available on a fee basis to oversee the event and train club personnel on the details of running a successful event.

Future development plans include (1) interactive software which will allow four-man races in real time with 3D graphics on large screen TV’s, and (2) Velotron racing over the internet either individually or between clubs.