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Bring the road to you.

Add a refreshing and motivational element to your indoor training with our wide range of Video Software. Train with the same hills and resistance conditions you're watching on your screen in complete real time, on a large variety of bike courses. Our video packages range from full race day courses to virtual coached training programs, both helping to target specific goals and get you through performance plateaus.


Test your limits and experience the intensity of a race, using high quality, coordinated video footage of famous events.

*NEW!* SBR Verona

*NEW* Sea Gull Century PA Metric

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For our full catalog of Real Course Videos, please visit our shop.

Time Trial Software

Our Time Trial Software allows riders to race with Cam Dye's winning NYC Triathlon split, upload their times, and compare results with CompuTrainer users around the world.

Download Basic *.rmc Courses (No video)

In addition to purchasing Real Course Videos, you can download and install the current (and previously available) course files to use in RacerMate One™ using the RCV-RM1 Course Installer. These courses are free.

Download the RCV-RM1 Course Installer here.

Note: Requires RacerMate One. Courses will appear in the Distance/Grade course lists in 3D Cycling, Power Training, and SpinScan® applications after installation and will be preceded with the letters RCV in the course list.


ErgVideo, teamed with Hunter Allen and the Peaks Coaching Group™, brings you an unbeatable power-based training system.



Purchasing and more information on the ErgVideo website

Hunter Allen Power Training ErgVideo Series

ErgVideo and Hunter Allen have developed a series of 6 ErgVideos that capture some of Hunter’s favorite threshold development workouts. They’re filmed in sunny Virginia USA with members of his Peaks Coaching Group team. You’ll also get the HD Threshold Test ErgVideo to set your baseline FTP and training zones, and to measure your progress through the plan.

Free Introduction - Hunter Allen + Peaks Coaching

A concise primer on professional power measurement terminology in cycling and triathlon training. Hunter will lead you through threshold testing procedures, establishing and understanding training zones, and even provide an 8-week plan for threshold power development.

Click here to download

12-Week ErgVideo Power Training Plan

The ultimate plan for effectively developing your cycling and triathlon power with CompuTrainer®. It integrates directly into the ErgVideo environment so your daily session is automatically selected from inside the plan. You can find many other resources on the ErgVideo website.

Click here to build a plan

More About ErgVideo

ErgVideo brings you more than 100 real-video, power-based riding experiences, ranging from focused, specific training sessions to spectacular climbs of cycling’s most famous mountains. The crew at ErgVideo films real races and training rides from right inside the action, in iconic places like Mont Ventoux and the Col du Tourmalet. Top riders lead you through intervals sessions, races, triathlon courses, and effective workouts for cyclists and triathletes alike.

ErgVideo operates on CompuTrainer® or Velotron® in the power-targeted ergometer mode. This is power-based training at its very best, and you complete your workouts on target, every time. It is perfect for the home and studio, supporting 1-24 riders. Learn more at

About Hunter Allen and the Peaks Coaching Group

Hunter is a leading authority on training with power, and his team is the largest, most experienced group of coaches using power technologies in the world. Hunter has co-authored “Training and Racing with a Power Meter”, the go-to book on power training. He is a key faculty member at USA Cycling in its power-training certification program, and works with top elite and pro riders who trust his plan design and power analysis to maximize their results. He is a co-developer of the world-leading WKO+ software. His expertise is shared amongst his team of 50 PCG coaches who undertake not only USAC certification, but PCG exclusive power-training certification as well.

ErgVideo has partnered with Hunter Allen and the Peaks Coaching Group to bring you free training plans designed by Hunter himself. These plans use new ErgVideos featuring Hunter and his team riding their favorite training sessions on the road. Filmed in sunny Virginia, these ErgVideos show Hunter and members of his team riding some of his most effective power-building sessions, in the greenest of springtime, on the smooth roads of Virginia, USA.


Hunter Allen Power Training: Functional Threshold Power Ramps HD

Filmed in Virginia, this ErgVideo combines an interesting variation on Threshold power development intervals with fast pedaling drills. The threshold intervals are 10 minutes long and ramp-up in intensity for maximum improvement. The fast pedaling drills are great for the off-season and will improve your efficiency. This ErgVideo is part of the Hunter Allen Power Training Series depicting his most-recommended early training-phase workouts. You’ll even ride with Hunter himself on some of his favorite roads.

  • Threshold power drills combined with fast pedaling

  • Comes with several variations, with the ErgVideo ride designer to add even more variety.

Hunter Allen Power Training: Power MicroBursts and Tempo HD

Microburst intervals are short and intense, with brief rests in between. In this ErgVideo, part of the Hunter Allen Power Training series, Hunter and his team from the Peaks Coaching Group lead you in 3 sets of 10 minute intervals, each filled by 30 or 20 second microbursts. This session is very hard, but the immediate reward is a nice 30 minute Tempo ride on the smooth roads of Virginia in springtime.

  • Three sets of powerful, ten minute intervals with a tempo ride.

  • Comes with several variations, with the ErgVideo ride designer to add even more variety.

Hunter Allen Power Training: Over-Under Sweet Spot Intervals HD

You won’t ever win a race by pedaling along all day in the sweet spot: you’ll be forced, over and over again, to exceed it and recover. This ErgVideo, part of the Hunter Allen Power Training Series, will repeatedly force you well over “the sweet spot” and back down below it, through 2 sets of 20 minute intervals. This ErgVideo is a key session in the early season training phase, as well as during the racing season. We throw in some fast-pedaling drills at the end to help improve your pedaling efficiency.

  • Pass above and below your sweet spot, in 2 sets of 20 minute intervals.

  • Comes with several variations, with the ErgVideo ride designer to add even more variety.

Hunter Allen Power Training: Base-Tempo Virginia HD

What’s early-season training without a “club-style” unrestricted ride with your pals? In this ErgVideo, part of the Hunter Allen Power Training Series, your virtual clubmates are Hunter himself and his team from the Peaks Coaching Group. They find themselves in rolling hilly terrain, on smooth roads, and under sunny Virginia skies. The hills cause the odd over-kill in the power department, and you’ll be chasing the aggressive riders more than once.

  • Group riding with intense rolling hills and smooth roads.

  • Comes with several variations, with the ErgVideo ride designer to add even more variety.

Hunter Allen Power Training: The Tempo Grind HD

This ErgVideo presents a new way to enjoy your Tempo Zone Training in a long progressive cadence session. As part of the Hunter Allen Power Training Series, he recommends you ride the first 15 minutes at low cadence, the next 15 at a medium, and the final 15 at high cadence. He and his team do it all with you. After a short rest, they lead you in some very intense 1 minute anaerobic intervals, all on the sunny roads of Virginia.

  • Group ride with a long, progressively increasing cadence session

  • Comes with several variations, with the ErgVideo ride designer to add even more variety.

Hunter Allen Power Training: Explosive Power Sweet Spot HD

Ahh, there’s nothing like riding in that power “sweet-spot” that’s on the high end of Tempo and the low end of Threshold power, where you can ride and train effectively for a good long time. This ErgVideo depicts a challenging variation on the 2x15 minute sweet-spot intervals by forcing you to do 3 short, explosive efforts with equally short rest, right before settling into the sweet spot. We follow that up with 3x5 minute “big gear/low cadence” intervals to help build your pedaling strength. It’s filmed in Virginia, and it’s part of the Hunter Allen Power Training Series.

  • Short intense intervals followed by sweet spot and pedaling efficiency training.

  • Comes with several variations, with the ErgVideo ride designer to add even more variety.

Threshold Test HD

A fully automated and simple way to determine your threshold power, now in an HD edition. We’ve implemented a standardized time-trial test which begins with a programmed ErgVideo-style warm-up. You calibrate your trainer, and then do a 20- or 60-minute time-trial test to determine your threshold power. Cycling centers can test up to 24 riders at once. Ride with National Masters TT silver medalist Ron Amos of the Ride with Rendall Team on a Time trial course in beautiful Franco-Ontario.

  • Determine your threshold power with National Masters TT silver medalist Ron Amos.

  • Ride with up to 24 riders.

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