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E-Mail Issues


Attention: If you sent an e-mail in to sales or service between Thursday 07/10/2014 and Monday 07/14/2014, we need you […]

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Congratulations to Andrew Yoder - Champion Ironman 70.3 Syracuse.


Congratulations to Andrew Yoder - Champion Ironman 70.3 Syracuse. Wonderful comeback after multiple injuries!“During my time recovering from multiple tibial […]

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Congratulations to Angela Naeth - Champion Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs, TX


Congratulations to Angela Naeth - Champion Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs, TX“Without a doubt, CompuTrainer has helped make my cycling more […]

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Congratulations to Andy Potts - Champion Ironman Coeur d’Alene

Congratulations to Andy Potts - Champion Ironman Coeur d’Alene “The only time I ride outside is when I race; otherwise I […]

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CompuTrainer Winners Circle Weekend 06/29/2014

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake Lubbock, Texas, June 29, 2014, S 1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi. ResultsMen6. […]

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Ultracycling enthusiast finally snares a win

“Doing CompuTrainer classes is what got me off the mountain and onto the road again,” Staley said. “I was doing […]

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When 5 podium slots and the top 4 women’s places are all taken by CompuTrainer athletes, it speaks volumes. Games […]

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CompuTrainer Winners Circle Weekend of 06/15/2014


Ironman 70.3 BoulderBoulder, ColoradoJune 15, 2014S 1.2 mi. / B 56 mi. / R 13.1 mi. Women1. Jodie Swallow (GBR) 4:07:372. […]

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Congratulations to Jodie Swallow - Champion Ironman 70.3 Boulder.

Congratulations to Jodie Swallow - Champion Ironman 70.3 Boulder. “I am officially a CompuTrainer addict. I use the trainer in […]

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Simon Says: What To Do When You Get Injured.


As a competitive athlete you must have experienced some injuries in your time and you will know thats its almost […]

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Simon Says: Ironman Race Day – How NOT to forget your stuff


Simon Says: Ironman Race Day – How NOT to forget your stuff It seems like I have been planning and […]

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Congratulations to Kate Bevilaqua - Champion Ironman 70.3 Busselton, Australia


Congratulations to Kate Bevilaqua - Champion Ironman 70.3 Busselton, Australia “Can’t live without it!! I am on it minimum 3-4 times […]

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Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt - Champion Ironman Australia

  Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt - Champion Ironman Australia  “No more stopping at traffic lights, negotiating traffic or cycling in […]

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Cody Beals - 7 hours per week to 5th place at Ironman 70.3 Texas!


Cody Beals - One of the best triathlete testimonials ever received since it’s from a new pro after his first […]

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CompuTrainer Welcomes Para-Triathlete Minda Dentler to the CompuTrainer Family


CompuTrainer is proud to announce the addition of our newest Sponsored athlete, Minda Dentler Minda Dentler added her name to […]

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NEW! Rev3 Quassy Real Course Video Now Available!

Rev3 Quassy Real Course Video Now Available!  A NEW CompuTrainer Real Course Video is available for the Rev3 Quassy bike […]

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Want to Ride for CompuTrainer’s Cameras?


We will be shooting some test video in Austin, TX April 24-27. If any CT users are interested in riding […]

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Simon Says, Drop It!

Simon Says Drop It: With spring arriving I’ve heard a lot of athletes complaining about the fact that they don’t […]

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Simon Says: Have you ever ridden anything as bad as this?


Simon Says: Have you ever ridden anything as bad as this? I definitely haven’t which I suppose is part of […]

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Simon Says: You won’t run like a cheetah BUT….


Simon Says: With each blog post I seem to be giving you a count down to Lanzarote. This Saturday I […]

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Congratulations to Tim Don - Champion Ironman 70.3 Monterrey


  Congratulations to Tim Don - Champion - Ironman 70.3 Monterrey “So how did I improve my 70.3 biking this […]

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Choose Your Training Deal - $200 Off or Free Power Pkg.


  Purchase one CompuTrainer Lab model with Puck Optical Cadence Sensor before June 1st, 2014 and receive one FREE ErgVideo/Hunter […]

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Increase your Cycling Power with this new integrated set of three power training tools—CompuTrainer,  ErgVideo, and power training guru Hunter […]

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Simon Says: Free Webinar!


Simon Says: The racing season will soon be on us and its time to change the intensity of training. This week […]

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Congratulations to Sarah Haskins Champion PATCO Sprint Triathlon Pan American Championship

Congratulations to Sarah Haskins - Champion PATCO Sprint Triathlon Pan American Championship“CompuTrainer has allowed me to maximize my fitness goals. […]

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CompuTrainers are Built to Last! As Jay Stoddard attests to.


CompuTrainers are Built to Last! As Jay Stoddard attests to“Just wanted to let you know that I got out my […]

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Congratulations Pete Jacobs - Champion Husky Long Course Triathlon

Using the CompuTrainer as a weekly part of my training has helped me get more muscle memory, more strength and […]

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Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt - Champion Challenge Philippines

Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt - Champion Challenge Philippines“No more stopping at traffic lights, negotiating traffic or cycling in bad weather […]

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Congratulations Angela Naeth - Champion IRONMAN 70.3 Panama


“Without a doubt, CompuTrainer has helped make my cycling more efficient than ever before. Spin scan is a vital tool […]

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Couple’s Win - Jodie Swallow and James Cunnama - Champions Ironman 70.3 South Africa


  Congratulations on the Couple’s Win - Jodie Swallow and James Cunnama - Champions Ironman 70.3 South Africa “I am […]

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Angela Naeth on CompuTrainer


“Now that the cold is here, I’m training more and more indoors. I couldn’t do this without my CompuTrainer. Dial […]

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Congratulations to Cat Morrison - Champion IRONMAN 70.3 St. Croix


Congratulations to Cat Morrison - Champion IRONMAN 70.3 St. Croix “CompuTrainer is an integral part of my training. From indoor […]

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Congratulations to Jessie Donavan - Champion IRONMAN South Africa!


Congratulations to Jessie Donavan - Champion IRONMAN South Africa! “The CompuTrainer allows me to be as effective and efficient as […]

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The Proof is on the Podium - AGAIN!


Leadman Tri:  Mathias Hecht (SUI) - 2nd, Mackenzie Madison (USA) - 5th IRONMAN 70.3 Branson:  Andy Potts (USA) - 1st, […]

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RacerMateOne Available Now!


We are now taking orders for and shipping RacerMate One!  Please use the link below to place your order. Note: […]

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New! RacerMate One Software Suite


Available Now! Fully Featured Integrated Easy to Use

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Velotron is the gold standard - benchmark setting - product in its class and finds application in many use categories. The following will give you an idea how it has, and can be, used.

Velotron follows in the tradition of its predecessor CompuTrainer, a portable electronic trainer to which you attach your own bicycle. However, the Velotron design differs significantly from the CompuTrainer design.

Velotron simulates riding on the road better than any previous ergometer/trainer. The largest and heaviest flywheel ever incorporated in a bicycle ergometer/trainer gives it the smoothest ride yet devised, and the flywheel freewheel adds downhill coasting to its list of authentic features. Equipped with 2000 Watts of lab-accurate power the system creates road (or off-road) grades up to 25% - more than enough to reproduce the toughest hills that humans can climb on a bicycle. And its electronic shifting system provides all the gears you need to climb those hills. The Velotron design is totally slip-free, regardless of the steepness of the grade, since it does not have the tire/roller interface characteristic of other bike trainers. Whether you’re an Ironman triathlete, road racer, mountain biker, ultra-marathoner, track racer, or recreational cyclist, the Velotron will create the exact training conditions needed to raise your performance to the maximum.

While Velotron’s advanced performance features satisfy the most stringent requirements of sport scientists and medical professionals, it’s also the most convenient of bike trainers for personal use. It comes fully assembled ready to plug in to your PC. It can accept any bike frame the user wishes to use, including tandem, MTB, or recumbent - or buy it with the Dynafit frame. Whatever your cycling passion, equipping a Velotron with a custom frame identical to your road bike is the sound approach. Improvements in bike fit, technique, and equipment accomplished on the Velotron can then be easily transferred to your road bike.

Velotron is the ONLY commercially available laboratory-accurate electronic bicycle ergometer which permits the use of the rider’s own bicycle frame. Since it is generally acknowledged that testing on a rider’s own bike provides the most meaningful test results, it follows that Velotron has an important advantage over other ergometers.

Velotron also has other important advantages for sports science applications. Its starting price below $7000 (Basic) is half the cost of the Lode Ergometer and only a third that of the SRM ergometer. This price advantage comes with no sacrifice in accuracy, durability, or serviceability. And its maximum load capability of 2000 watts exceeds the physical capabilities of all but a handful of track champions.

The accuracy of each Velotron is established by reference to RacerMate’s in-house laboratory bicycle dynamometer which can be read to an accuracy of 1%. Of perhaps greater importance is the fact that Velotron’s repeatability is in a class by itself – better than 0.01%! The system is permanently calibrated at the factory, and there is nothing inherent in the design which would lead to calibration drift in the field. The calibration can be checked before each use with Accuwatt, a proprietary calibration verification procedure (Patent Pending) which takes less than 10 seconds.

Velotron durability is expected to exceed that of CompuTrainer, which in commercial applications has reached 125,000 race cycles without failure with a service life of 10 years or more. Occasional cleaning and oiling of the drive chain is the only routine maintenance step required.

A modular design insures easy serviceability. The eddy current brake/electronics sub-assembly is housed in a single aluminum enclosure which can be easily removed and exchanged for a factory replacement so that downtime is essentially eliminated. The Velotron system software is Windows PC based and highly versatile. Testing and training protocols can be established either in terms of watts and time, or distance and grade. The results are displayed instantaneously as well as in averages and maximum values for each performance variable. Variables displayed and recorded include watts, heartrate, speed, cadence, distance, SpinScan number, left/right leg power split, and PulsePower number (watts per heartbeat per pound).

A need exists in the health/fitness clubs for higher level bicycle training programs for members who want something more than spinning classes or LifeCycle-like workouts. Velotron meets this need by supporting a range of popular and highly effective cycling and fitness activities. It is likely to become one of the most popular fitness systems in the club. Examples of the unique and varied activities made possible by the Velotron include:

∙ Indoor Recreational Cycling
∙ Advanced Spinning & Cycling Technique
∙ Cycling Conditioning and Training
∙ Weight/Fat Loss
∙ Indoor bike and triathlon competitions

Indoor Recreational Cycling

Velotron offers the most realistic and enjoyable indoor bike riding experience yet devised. It looks like a bike, feels like a bike, and performs like a bike, in perfect safety. The interactive software and 3D graphics provide an unlimited variety of real-life courses to fit all ability levels; any bike course in the world can be exactly duplicated and stored in the software. Psychological motivation to guarantee a high quality workout is provided by an on-screen training partner/pacer. All performances are recorded for future use as the ‘pacer’, and all performance data is displayed on the screen and can be recorded for later review.

Riding a Velotron is a compelling, challenging, interesting experience in its own right which captures the user’s complete attention so that time passes quickly. It’s NOT like lots of other exercise programs where you need to watch TV or read a book to make it tolerable. The competitive racing format of the interactive software alone rivets the rider’s attention. You can either compete alone against the computer pacer (who can be your own best previous performance or the recorded performance of somebody else) or compete head-to-head against the rider on a second Velotron—an exhilarating experience guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping!

Advanced Spinning & Cycling Technique

Velotron can function as a highly advanced spinning bike. Its large diameter flywheel is 15 lbs., heavier than a spinning bike’s flywheel and giving it an even smoother feel. Its internal freewheel makes it safer because the rider can stop pedaling at any speed while the flywheel simply coasts. Most important of all, the Velotron has the ability to establish precise loads which can be varied electronically. For the first time the spinning instructor can establish the exact load profile for each individual in the class (or the class as a whole) which the Velotron then controls automatically.

Velotron is an excellent tool for teaching bicycling technique. It incorporates real, top quality bicycle components (frame, pedals, seats, crank arms, stems, etc.) which make it possible to duplicate the same bio-mechanics which are experienced in cycling outdoors. Secondly, it incorporates the renowned SpinScan electronic pedal stroke analysis feature which cycling coaches and champion cyclists and triathletes worldwide are using to improve s cycling performance.

One outside resource available to clubs wishing to establish a cycling program based on Velotron is the John Howard School of Champions, the longest running cycling school in the U.S. John is one of the most successful competitive cyclists in U.S. history. Now in his mid-fifties, John remains an active master’s racer on the U.S. Postal Team (winner of the Tour de France). He is an expert SpinScan analyst and developer of stretching programs to increase flexibility, range of motion and strength as they apply to cycling. John’s program is available under license and he is available on a fee basis to train health club personnel to administer it.

Cycling Conditioning and Training

Velotron supports one of the most advanced and successful bicycling conditioning programs available anywhere in the world-the program developed and run in Ottawa, Canada, by the Peak Centre for Human Performance. The Peak Centre exercise physiologists are renowned for their expertise in blood lactate measurement and interpretation applied to cycling performance improvement. The combination of Velotron and the Peak program yields truly spectacular improvements for all classes of cyclists from novice through to the national team/professional level. The Peak program is available to health and fitness clubs under license. Visit the Peak Centre website ( for more details on this state-of-the-art technology.

Weight/Fat Loss

Using the same basic technology on a less advanced level the Peak Centre also operates and licenses a Mission Possible fat/weight loss program that is equally remarkable in its ability to convert fat to muscle, reduce abdominal fat, and achieve permanent weight loss. The Velotron ergometer is the tool which enables the health club to run this highly effective, state-of-the-art fat loss and fitness program. The Mission Possible program is being run as a feeder program to the Advanced Cycling Conditioning program. Each program takes one year, so together they would keep a club member occupied for two years. At the end of this time he/she would be in superb physical condition ready for cycling competitions and advanced long distance touring.

Indoor bike and triathlon competitions

Velotron’s interactive software supports both single and tandem time trials, single and tandem races against the pacer (with or without drafting), and two-man and tandem head to head races (with or without drafting). The enthusiastic reaction to CompuTrainer race competitions during the last decade points to even greater popularity for Velotron racing. The validity of the race results are guaranteed by Velotron’s laboratory grade accuracy. Possibilities for intraclub races, performance rankings/ladders, and interclub competitions abound.

Clubs with swimming pools and running facilities can stage indoor triathlons using Velotron for the bike portion. Winter triathlons using a special format have been enthusiastically received in health clubs in northern Ohio for many years. The race promoter (a regional official of USA Triathlon and a summer triathlon race director) has instruction manuals explaining in detail how to run such events and is available on a fee basis to oversee the event and train club personnel on the details of running a successful event.

Applications in orthopedic, pulmonary and cardio rehabilitation can benefit from low starting load levels. Because of its negligible internal friction, the Velotron produces accurate loads down to 5 Watts, which is believed to be the lowest load level attainable by any electronic bicycle ergometer in existence. This capability should allow rehabilitation to begin at an earlier stage than previously possible.

It has been demonstrated that bike racers who have undergone arthroscopic knee surgery have been able to begin accelerated rehabilitation a few days after surgery using a CompuTrainer (which has a minimum load of 50 Watts). Professional cyclist Brian Walton underwent extensive knee surgery in May, 1996, and won an Olympic silver medal in August. It may be possible to replicate this approach with non-athletes by using the extremely low starting wattage of the Velotron.

Tests are underway at the Swedish Hospital Pulmonary Lab in Seattle to evaluate the functional effect of low wattage level Velotron exercise regimens for emphysema patients. If these tests are successful the Accuwatt feature of the Velotron (described below) guarantees that in a clinical setting the ultra-low wattage levels employed would be absolutely repeatable.

The Velotron is available in a variety of bike frame styles for different applications. For cycling sport-specific orthopedic rehabilitation a road bike frame is supplied, or the athlete’s own bike frame may be used. For cardio, pulmonary, and other rehabilitation applications there is an “easy-on/easy-off” style frame which is comfortable for non-athletic patients.

Another Velotron feature of special value in medical applications is Accuwatt (Patent Pending) accuracy verification. The Accuwatt procedure takes less than 10 seconds to verify that the original factory calibration is unchanged and that system repeatability is within the 0.01% performance specification. The original factory calibration test numbers are embedded in the system software, and the Accuwatt test indicates how close the field results are percentage-wise to the original factory test numbers. Competitive ergometers lack this feature which identifies any degradation in system accuracy. Velotron’s interactive software package is guaranteed to improve your performance and to provide the information and visual stimulation to keep you motivated.

Are you ready to order now?
If so, please select the model you are interested in on the menu to the left or select - Order Now!

CompuTrainer provides the most realistic indoor biking experience available. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly. Time-tested for over 25 years and backed by the only Performance Improvement Guarantee in the industry, it is proven to increase your cycling power by 20% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH - or your money back!

CompuTrainer set the industry standard for repeatability (± 1%), accuracy (± 2.5%), power (1500 watts), quality, and service lifetime (10+ years). Exclusive performance features like Electronic Inertia for true road feel, SpinScan™ electronic pedal stroke analysis, and Adjustable Aerodynamic Drag Factor are all unique to RacerMate products, including CompuTrainer. Cycling and triathlon coaches worldwide use CompuTrainer as their primary testing instrument. Both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling test and train their team athletes with CompuTrainer.  Most world champions, as shown in our athlete carousel at the top of this site, swear by it.  You will too.

Important technical innovations that have significantly increased CompuTrainer’s training value: 1. SpinScan Pedal Stroke Analyzer, a key tool with all RacerMate products, will allow users to see how well they were applying torque to the pedals, but without the need to install expensive strain gauges on the bike.  Showing left and right power and a 24-bar or 360 degree polar graph of torque, cyclists have instant feedback to improve pedaling efficiency.
2. Aerodynamic Drag Factor in the RacerMate software wind-load algorithm is individually adjustable.  This industry first allows the rider to adjust the drag factor to account for their own body geometry and riding position. With this feature real-world accuracy increases another notch.
3. 2007 marked the introduction of a landmark improvement in the CompuTrainer interactive training experience: Interactive Real Course Videos.
These videos of famous triathlon and bike courses are filmed in High Definition and are then combined with our interactive, GPS mapped software to make you feel like you’re on the real course. Filming for most are on race day and provide superior realism and race simulation.
4. In 2012 RacerMate introduced RacerMate One.  This added many new features to the software package, but the leading improvement was the introduction of SmartPacers™.  These pacers allow the user to setup up to 7 opponents with varying difficulty levels, which when used this way allow the cyclist to do interval training without needing to do it in a fixed-wattage training. Wind-load (the same load curve applied to you on the road) could now be used for watt-based training!

Hardware and Electronics

Every version of CompuTrainer is built upon the same basic system of hardware and  electronics. CompuTrainer also operates as a stand-alone electronic bicycle ergometer (no external software required) or pair two or more of them together using MultiRider or the RacerMate One’s 3D Cycling Application and get a team ride experience.

The CompuTrainer system that you own today will be with you tomorrow. We strive to make it easy to upgrade or add any new cutting edge software RacerMate develops in the future.

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Models Description

Now standard with every CompuTrainer model, the Lab model Load Generator is both calibrated and tested on our proprietary dynamometer guaranteeing it is accurate over a wide range of operation.

Ideally suited for MultiRider systems group racing/training and any other application such as coaching and testing where the highest degree of accuracy is desired.

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The Dynafit model includes a special fully adjustable bike frame ideally suited for a sustomer wanted to easily switch users without switching bikes as well.

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The CompuTrainer Climber model incorporates the RacerMate Front Fork Support Stand equipped with a stainless steel Angle Adaptor assembly to establish bike angles of 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5 and 20 degrees.

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Front ForkMount Extension

A special CompuTrainer with Front Fork Mount Extension is provided for those who wish to have a more permanent installation.

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Hand Cycle

A special CompuTrainer stand was created with extra width to allow a hand cycle to fit and still leave room for the athlete’s legs to fit within the stand.

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Software Features - RacerMate One


RacerMate One is our newest software platform and eventually all legacy software (with the exception of perhaps Velotron Wingate) will find its way to be part of it. After almost 20 years of software development and individual applications it became apparent the need to consolidate every RacerMate application into one package. Enter… RacerMate One.

Below are the key software elements of RacerMate One, but you can learn more about it on our Software Overview page.


Interactive 3D Cycling

What makes our 3D interactive graphics different? Curves, split screens, and panoramic helicopter views combine with advanced computer algorithms to create a true “road feel”. Select any course and apply scenes from a variety of scenery packs; like, Seattle (our home town) and the graphics are generated on-the-fly. This unique feature is what allows us to keep our courses free! You’ll get real-time data such as wattage, heart rate, speed, both real-time, average & peak values are given. Utilize racing your previous performances or use SmartPacers™ to hyper-accelerate your training.


Gain Power and Efficiency with SpinScan™ Pedal Stroke Analyzer

SpinScan™ is an exclusive feature designed to help increase power and efficiency. The graph represents torque output on a full 360 revolution. The right/left power splits give you the feedback needed to pedal in “circles”. It will identify “flat” or “dead” spots in the pedal stoke where optimal power is not transferred to the drive train. Dynamic bike fits utilizing SpinScan are an excellent way to take the subjectivity and guesswork out of the bike fit process. Use ATA (Average Torque Angle) to adjust your fore/aft position for optimum power.


Train with power using fixed wattage workouts - and more!

Power Training is the go-to app for fixed wattage workouts. Power Training will also run all other course types not available to other applications. Power Training is also the theater to playback previous performances; just load them up and hover your mouse over the data to get a precise readout of what you did and when you did it.


Interactive Real Course Video

Train on complete bike courses filmed on race day. Here is a terrific way to experience some of the world’s great bike courses without leaving your home. You’ll know the courses as well as the local athletes!



Unlimited Pre-Loaded Courses—Custom and Downloadable

Loaded into RacerMate One, which comes with every CompuTrainer, are hundreds of courses you can choose from.  Click on the header over the course selector to sort them by distance or climbing elevation.  Use the profile tools to view the course information or even loop a course, reverse a course, do a section of a course, or do an out-and-back on it.  Truly unlimited!  You can also use GPS data and GPS course tools available to ride courses you may have to prepare for.  We upload courses often to our website, so look often to see if we’ve added new courses - which are always free!

Bottom Line - You Get Professional Performance

Looks can be deceiving. CompuTrainer is not your average bike trainer, though to many that is exactly how it appears. It is a very precise cycling ergometer able to measure your wattage, heart rate, cadence, pedaling efficiency, replicate real-world course - and matches the accuracy of laboratory ergometers costing up to 10-times more. For the individual user it is like having your very own exercise physiology lab at home. It is more powerful than other electronic bike trainers (except the Velotron, made also by RacerMate). CompuTrainer has a peak power rating in excess of 1500 watts to simulate road grades up to 15%. More durable than other bike trainers, the training stand is guaranteed - for life - against manufacture defects. You’ll enjoy the feel, the accuracy, and the longevity from owning CompuTrainer.

Velotron, like CompuTrainer, is a computer controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometer/trainer, but of a proprietary new design. It provides the highest degree of laboratory accuracy and repeatability; the widest load range of any commercially available electronic ergometer; high durability/low maintenance; and an authentic road feel that closely simulates riding outdoors.

Using an innovative, patented, eddy current brake built around a heavy (55lb) flywheel it uses a fixed ratio high efficiency chain drive with internal freewheel to allow shifting “virtual gears” electronically. Velotron’s ultra-low starting effort of only 5 Watts is advantageous for rehab, cardio, pulmonary and orthopaedic applications.

Velotron is used worldwide by universities, sports science labs, and coaching/testing centers - often in conjunction with the optional Wingate software. Because of its superior accuracy, Velotron is the only bicycle ergometer ever approved for use in the USA Cycling National Talent Search. It is also the favored home cycling ergometer for those who want only the best money can buy.

A favorite for home users, use this model with your own bike frame and components

Top of the line fully adjustable ‘Dynafit’ frame

“Easy On/Easy Off” step-through frame suited for medical and rehab applications

Use Applications Personal Ergometer - Sports Science - Health Clubs - Medical Rehabilitation
Modes of operation Ergometer mode functions as a fixed wattage machine to adjust torque relative to speed to maintain a watt-constant. Gearing is non-adjustable in this mode and is fixed at 52/14.
Bicycle Simulation mode includes the effects of wind resistance, rider weight, rider aerodynamic drag factor, road grade, speed, acceleration and inertia. Gearing can be set to mimic the cyclist’s road bike in this mode.
Add optional Wingate software and you have a Wingate device that will allow multiple tests to run simultaneously without the heat-induced issues of other ergometers. Gearing is non-adjustable in this mode and is fixed at 52/14.



Accuracy, Repeatability and Load Range

Velotron creates loads from 5 to 2000 watts which covers the entire range of human capability. Accuracy is +/- 1.5% of reading across the entire load range. Repeatability of +/- 0.2 % or better. This level of accuracy/repeatability meets or exceeds that of competitive laboratory bicycle ergometers costing $10,000 to $20,000. The system’s negligible internal friction makes possible a lower load limit of 5 Watts which sets a new minimum limit for electronic bicycle ergometers.

Lifetime Calibration

Velotron is dynamometer calibrated and by design does not require recalibration like ergometers based on strain gauges which drift over time. Using Accuwatt™, you will always know the state of the device.

Accuwatt™ Calibration Verification

Unique to Velotron, the AccuWatt™ calibration verification procedure (patent pending) quickly compares today’s calibration to the time of the original factory calibration to verify that no change has occurred.

Massive Flywheel

Large diameter, 55 lb. flywheel with free-wheel provides an exceptionally realistic bike-like ride including coasting downhill. No knee strain during deceleration as seen with “spinning bikes”.

Electronic Gear Shifting

Velotron uses a fixed ratio chain drive. Shifting is done electronically from the handlebar controller or remote gear-shift lever. The rider can set “virtual” gears to mimic the chain ring/rear cluster combinations on any bicycle - up to 30 gear changes (3 front/10 rear).


Velotron is controlled by system software which runs on Windows XP through Windows 8. The software has two distinct functional modes: Ergometer mode and Bicycle simulation mode. Watts, cadence, heartrate, speed, distance, time and calories are displayed and recorded for instantaneous, average and peak values. SpinScan™ pedal stroke analysis measures biomechanical efficiency. Features include programmable workload protocols, motivational 3D bike courses, two-person races, performance recordings.

Optional Software and Accessories


  • Wingate Testing - Determine your leg power and capacity with anaerobic tests.
  • RacerMate One software - Coming Soon for Velotron!
  • Varicrank - Use to isolate and measure the effect of crank length on an individual’s
    cycling performance.
  • Laptop PC - a Dell laptop PC preloaded with Velotron software.
  • Aerobars - these can be added to the bike for sport-specific testing on athletes accustomed to riding with aerobars.

Delivery and Assembly

Velotron is shipped fully assembled in a palletized carton for forklift or 4-person handling. Shipping weight approximately 200 lbs.

Two Year Limited Warranty

RacerMate Velotron is warranted to the original purchaser for a two-year period from the original purchase date against defective material and workmanship. Any implied warranties are also limited in duration to two years from the original purchase date. Some states do now allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

During the warranty period RacerMate will repair, or at its option replace any part that proves upon inspection to be defective. Products subject to improper installation, misuse, neglect, accident, alteration, or unauthorized repair shall be excluded from this warranty. To obtain warranty service, proof of original purchase date must be furnished.

RacerMate shall not be liable for shipping cost to the factory, consequential costs, expenses or damages incurred by the purchaser. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Experience the FUN of group competition INDOORS - All Year long !!

CompuTrainer MultiRider systems provide an exciting and technically superior method of indoor GROUP bike training and racing. It’s a great way to motivate people to stick with an athletic or exercise program. A basement, garage, bike shop or health club can double as an indoor cycling center for up to 8 riders at a time connected to one PC through a USB Hub.

Read a Bicycle Retailer Magazine article published May 2007 describing an early MultiRider Center experience:
“Retailers Sell Cycling through Indoor Training”
by Jill Janov


Read P3 - Peak Performance Professionals article published 2013 describing their 24% increase in watts in their 5 month MultiRider training program:
“24% Increase in Watts in the “P3″ 5 month MultiRider Training Program”
by Bob Hanisch MA CDE CSCS| USA Triathlon & USA CYcling Certified Level II Coach| Exercise Physiologist| Certified Diabetes Educator



CompuTrainer users have a blast all year long on MultiRider setups all over the world. You can organize group races and training rides anytime you want. Basements and garages for the home user can even be turned into impromptu cycling centers! Ride with up to 8 people on CompuTrainer’s unlimited supply of courses.

The following thumbnails depict each application found within MultiRider. Click on each picture to see a larger view.



Group Time Trials

With Group Time Trials riders compete against each other as they would in any group ride. With CompuTrainer being recognized as the most accurate simulation of cycling physics you can rest assured each cyclist will benefit from the ride when they otherwise are unable to ride outside. Pace-lines with drafting are all there. See where you are on the course in relation to the other cyclists. See your specific metrics to help gauge performance improvement. And don’t forget the most important thing… Have Fun while doing it!

Team Racing and Time Trials

“Where the Road Meets the Lab”. Team Racing simulates both the authentic and dynamic feeling of riding in a pack - and adds the tactical element as well. Supports up-to two 4-man rider teams racing head-to-head. The winning team can be selected using fastest average time, fastest 2nd rider, fastest 3rd rider or fastest 4th rider. A pie chart style ‘clock’ shows the leading team’s instantaneous time advantage.


MultiRider Coaching

Group Training and Coaching allows for non-competitive group training in which each rider performs at his own level based upon their threshold wattage. This is done by training the individual athletes in ergometer mode — a key feature of the CompuTrainer system. The race administrator or coach will enter an athlete’s threshold value and then create a special “time-versus-percent threshold” test for all athletes to follow. These are similar to the erg files to hold a watt-constant effort. Each rider will be doing the same test, but all at differing workloads!

MultiRider Real Course Video

This application allows you to use the Interactive Real Course Videos in a MultiRider Environment. Unlike other MultiRider events, the video controls every rider, but only one rider controls the video — the lead rider. So the challenge is to become the lead/controlling rider.

Note: Due to the nature of this application, ever rider will have varying course distances. As such it was intended solely for the fun and not to gauge performance, and as such no performance files are saved when using MultiRider Real Course Video.

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Join the growing worldwide network of MultiRider Centers. With a CompuTrainer MultiRider system you can’t beat its high quality training and infectious competition. Now that’s fun!

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MultiRider Systems Warranty Period


Warranty for MultiRider Systems differ from “home user” warranties due to the industrial nature of the application. All MultiRider-use CompuTrainers are warranted for a 1-year period for both the electronics as well as the training stand, regardless of indications to the contrary in manuals and other documentation.

For over 25 years RacerMate has developed interactive software for use with CompuTrainer and Velotron. Racermate’s President and chief engineer, Wilfried Baatz, set the strictest requirement for accuracy of information presented to the user, a standard which continues to this day. Our longevity (over 35 years in business) is a testament to his original vision… and assures your investment will provide time-proven results.

When RacerMate introduced the CompuTrainer in 1986 (using a Commodore 64 computer), training indoors was catapulted to an all new level. The concept introduced then, and improved through the Nintendo and early PC years, is now perfected in RacerMate One. This being the ability to save your performance data and use it as a pacer to train against yourself. This single feature has allowed owners to improve in ways no other motivational tool has allowed for; the results of which allow us to offer an unprecedented Performance Improvement Guarantee (PIG) - an industry first. Improve your performance or return the product and receive your money-back.

With every product developed under the technical direction of Mr. Baatz, RacerMate continues to create a unique body of software, both technically accurate and motivational, with the goal being to make it compatible with our pre-existing trainers with minimal hardware upgrades, whenever possible. Your investment in a RacerMate product will not be short-lived by software being intentionally created to be compatible only with the newest products.

RacerMate One


RacerMate One embodies all previous software development wrapped up into one slick new package. No more need to open multiple applications, RacerMate One is the new flagship software designed to meet our future development needs.

The following thumbnails depict each application found within RacerMate One. Click on each picture to see a larger view.


3D Cycling

3D Cycling takes our 3D software, introduced in 1995, to the next level. Add 8 live riders and/or Smart Pacers™ allows a ride like no other. Configure Smart Pacers™ at differing wattages - you can call them into play simply by increasing or decreasing your wattage to match their setting. They will instantly “move into action” helping you to maintain that wattage. Use performance pacers “as ridden” or +/- 30% of the original. Multiple split-screen views and camera angles. What more can you ask for?

Real Course Video

Unique recording process allows Real Course Videos to speed up or slow down with your speed. Courses mostly filmed on race day show the course just like being there in the race!

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Spin Scan

SpinScan™ is a key to analyzing pedaling efficiency with pinpoint accuracy. SpinScan™ measures the direct torque exerted on the pedal at every angle of its rotation, allowing for precise rider analysis. The more efficient you are, the faster you can be.

For more information, see SpinScan - Smoother is Faster

Power Training

Power Training will run any course type available; Time/Grade, Time/Watts, Time/%AT, Distance/Grade, Distance/Watts, and Distance/%AT. It will also play back all previously saved performance files to help pinpoint specific parts of your ride you need work on to improve.

Multi-channel display of your metrics can be toggled to display only the channels you want to focus on during the ride.

Will operate as either manual mode or with aforementioned courses.

Course Creator

Introduced Fall 2013 Course Creator allows a user to create courses for any RacerMate One application. It will also allow you to edit existing courses as you see in the image.

Do you have a favorite GPS course? Use a GPX version of it (GPX files can be extracted from GPS using tools readily available on the Internet) containing Latitude, longitude, and elevation (all three components must exist to create a course) and Course Creator will create it in the RacerMate One format.

Other RacerMate software products to consider


MultiRider Software

Though MultiRider is planned for inclusion into the RacerMate One suite of software, it is currently in-use world-wide as a stand-alone application containing the MultiRider Time Trial, Team Time Trial, MultiRider Coach, and MultiRider Real Course Video.

For more information, go here.


Time Trial Software

Time Trial Software allows you to ride along with legenary athletes like Andy Potts on courses like the NYC Triathlon course.

Establish your ranking by uploading your race time to the CompuTrainer Perpetual Ranking Site.

For more information, go here.

3rd Party Partners software products to consider


Software developed by our partners will deliver the same results as with our software products. Partners use the same technically accurate algorithms created by our engineers - and not the reverse-engineered (and poorly implemented) products filtering through the market claiming to work with RacerMate products.

ErgVideo Software

ErgVideo™, running exclusively on RacerMate’s CompuTrainer™ and VeloTron™, brings you more than 80 real-video, power-controlled riding experiences, ranging from focused, specific training sessions to spectacular climbs of cycling’s most famous mountains.

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Tour de Giro

Tour de Giro is an online, multiplayer bike racing simulation that uses your CompuTrainer™ to race and ride against real people in real time - on-line. Tour De Giro simulates head-to-head road racing: drafting, hills and teamwork all play the same effect in-game as they do in real-life. The 3D graphics engine faithfully renders real-world environments and all the competing riders to make your indoor rides more exciting and entertaining.

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