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[2017 - YTD] Academic Journal Articles Citing Use of RacerMate Velotron Cycle Ergometers

2017 - Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal Articles, Research Papers & Scientific Studies Citing Use of a RacerMate Velotron Cycle Ergometer
The Responses of VO2, VCO2, Substrate Utilization and Maximal Performance to Long Duration ExerciseBitel, Michael; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Sensor Technologies for Determining Cyclist Power Output: A Comparison of Smartphone, Opposing Force and Strain Gauge Power Measurement Technologies Using Spatial AnalysisDaniels, Doug; 2017Abstract/Full Text
The Predictors of a Proposed Combat Readiness TestHuang, Hung-Chun; 2017Abstract/Full Text
The Impact of Pre-Performance Anxiety on VO2Peak Values in Female Collegiate Soccer PlayersWirth, Mallory J; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Wingate Test is a Strong Predictor of 1500m Performance in Elite Speed SkatersHofman, Nico; Orie, Jac; Hoozemans, Marco JM; Foster, Carl; de Koning, Jos J; International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance2017Abstract/Full Text
Effects of Motivational Self-Talk on Endurance and Cognitive Performance in the HeatWallace, Phillip J; Mckinlay, Brandon J; Coletta, Nico A; Vlaar, Janae I; Taber, Michael J; Wilson, Philip M; Cheung, Stephen S; Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise2017Abstract/Full Text
The validity and reliability of a sample of 10 Wattbike cycle ergometersWainwright, Barney; Cooke, Carlton Brian; O’Hara, John Paul; Journal of sports sciences2017Abstract/Full Text
High-Intensity Interval Training Elicits Higher Enjoyment than Moderate Intensity Continuous ExerciseThum, Jacob S; Parsons, Gregory; Whittle, Taylor; Astorino, Todd A; PloS one2017Abstract/Full Text
Variations in hypoxia impairs muscle oxygenation and performance during simulated team-sport runningSweeting, Alice J; Billaut, François; Varley, Matthew C; Rodriguez, Ramón F; Hopkins, William G; Aughey, Robert J; Frontiers in physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Short-term intense exercise training reduces stress markers and alters the transcriptional response to exercise in skeletal muscleHinkley, J Matthew; Konopka, Adam R; Suer, Miranda K; Harber, Matthew P; American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Rates of performance loss and neuromuscular activity in men and women during cycling: evidence for a common metabolic basis of muscle fatigueSundberg, Christopher W; Hunter, Sandra K; Bundle, Matthew W; Journal of Applied Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
No influence of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on exercise-induced pain and 5-Km cycling time-trial performanceHibbert, Andrew W; Billaut, François; Varley, Matthew C; Polman, Remco CJ; Frontiers in physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Exploring the performance reserve: Effect of different magnitudes of power output deception on 4,000 m cycling time-trial performanceStone, Mark R; Thomas, Kevin; Wilkinson, Michael; Stevenson, Emma; Gibson, Alan St Clair; Jones, Andrew M; Thompson, Kevin G; PloS one2017Abstract/Full Text
The effect of previous wingate performance using one body region on subsequent wingate performance using a different body regionHarvey, Leonie; Bousson, Matthew; McLellan, Chris; Lovell, Dale; Journal of human kinetics2017Abstract/Full Text
Creatine and Electrolyte Supplementation Improves Repetitive Sprint Cycling PerformanceCrisafulli, Daniel L; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Polyphenols and Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSomerville, Vaughan; Bringans, Cameron; Braakhuis, Andrea; Sports Medicine2017Abstract/Full Text
The Effect of Cadence on Shank Muscle Oxygen Consumption and Deoxygenation in Relation to Joint Specific Power and Cycling KinematicsSkovereng, Knut; Ettema, Gertjan; van Beekvelt, Mireille; PloS one2017Abstract/Full Text
Effect of sex on the acute skeletal muscle response to sprint interval exerciseSkelly, Lauren E; Gillen, Jenna B; MacInnis, Martin J; Martin, Brian J; Safdar, Adeel; Akhtar, Mahmood; MacDonald, Maureen J; Tarnopolsky, Mark A; Gibala, Martin J; Experimental physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
The use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to explore how risk characteristics influence athletic pacing.Simpson, Michael W; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Anaerobic Parameters of Division I Collegiate Male and Female Tennis Players.Simpson Jr, Alfred E; Helm, Kelly D; Saez, Gabriela M; Smith, Jacob R; Journal of Exercise Physiology Online2017Abstract/Full Text
Group III/IV locomotor muscle afferents alter motor cortical and corticospinal excitability and promote central fatigue during cycling exerciseSidhu, Simranjit K; Weavil, Joshua C; Mangum, Tyler S; Jessop, Jacob E; Richardson, Russell S; Morgan, David E; Amann, Markus; Clinical Neurophysiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Local muscle cooling does not impact expression of mitochondrial-related genesShute, Robert; Heesch, Matthew; Laursen, Terence; Slivka, Dustin; Journal of Thermal Biology2017Abstract/Full Text
Aerobic capacity is not improved following 10-day supplementation with peppermint essential oilShepherd, Kyle; Peart, Daniel J; Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
Changes in brachial artery endothelial function and resting diameter with moderate-intensity continuous but not sprint interval training in sedentary menShenouda, Ninette; Gillen, Jenna B; Gibala, Martin J; MacDonald, Maureen J; Journal of Applied Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Impact of 4 weeks of interval training on resting metabolic rate, fitness, and health-related outcomesSchubert, Matthew M; Clarke, Holly E; Seay, Rebekah F; Spain, Katie K; Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
Ergogenic properties of metformin in simulated high altitudeScalzo, Rebecca L; Paris, Hunter L; Binns, Scott E; Davis, Janelle L; Beals, Joseph W; Melby, Christopher L; Luckasen, Gary J; Hickey, Matthew S; Miller, Benjamin F; Hamilton, Karyn L; Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Mitochondrial efficiency and exercise economy following heat stress: a potential role of uncoupling protein 3Salgado, Roy M; Sheard, Ailish C; Vaughan, Roger A; Parker, Daryl L; Schneider, Suzanne M; Kenefick, Robert W; McCormick, James J; Gannon, Nicholas P; Van Dusseldorp, Trisha A; Kravitz, Len R; Physiological reports2017Abstract/Full Text
The effect of the Wingate Anaerobic Test on NTproBNP, lactate and blood pressure in wrestlers and untrained young healthy malesSaghiv, M; Cummings, K; Kusser, K; Kvislen, K; Roemmich, L; Dinkel, J; Knoll, C; 2017Abstract/Full Text
High-intensity interval training increases cardiac output and VO2maxAstorino, Todd A; Edmunds, Ross M; Clark, Amy; King, Leesa; Gallant, Rachael A; Namm, Samantha; Fischer, Anthony; Wood, Kimi M; Med Sci Sports Exerc2017Abstract/Full Text
Short-term reliability of inflammatory mediators and response to exercise in the heatGuy, Joshua H; Edwards, Andrew M; Miller, Catherine M; Deakin, Glen B; Pyne, David B; Journal of sports sciences2017Abstract/Full Text
Alpha-Glycerophosphorylcholine and the Effects on Anaerobic IndicesRickard, Alex J; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Fatigue-related impairments in oculomotor control are prevented by norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitionConnell, Charlotte JW; Thompson, Benjamin; Turuwhenua, Jason; Srzich, Alexa; Gant, Nicholas; Scientific Reports2017Abstract/Full Text
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation reduces exercise-induced perceived pain and improves endurance exercise performanceAstokorki, Ali HY; Mauger, Alexis R; European Journal of Applied Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Sprint-interval but not continuous exercise increases PGC-1? protein content and p53 phosphorylation in nuclear fractions of human skeletal muscleGranata, Cesare; Oliveira, Rodrigo SF; Little, Jonathan P; Renner, Kathrin; Bishop, David J; Scientific Reports2017Abstract/Full Text
Knowledge is power: Issues of measuring training and performance in cyclingPassfield, Louis; Hopker, James G; Jobson, Simon; Friel, D; Zabala, Mikel; Journal of sports sciences2017Abstract/Full Text
The effect of exercise-intensity on skeletal muscle stress kinase and insulin protein signalingParker, Lewan; Trewin, Adam; Levinger, Itamar; Shaw, Christopher S; Stepto, Nigel K; PloS one2017Abstract/Full Text
The effect of environmental temperature on exercise-dependent release of brain-derived neurotrophic factorCollins, Christopher W; Shute, Robert J; Heesch, Matthew WS; Slivka, Dustin R; Temperature2017Abstract/Full Text
Comparison of cardiac output estimates by bioreactance and inert gas rebreathing methods during cardiopulmonary exercise testingOkwose, Nduka C; Chowdhury, Shakir; Houghton, David; Trenell, Michael I; Eggett, Christopher; Bates, Matthew; MacGowan, Guy A; Jakovljevic, Djordje G; Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging2017Abstract/Full Text
The Effects of Off-Season and In-Season Training on Lactate Threshold in NCAA Division III Female Soccer PlayersNelson, Rachael M; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Reliability of laser Doppler, near-infrared spectroscopy and Doppler ultrasound for peripheral blood flow measurements during and after exercise in the heatChoo, Hui C; Nosaka, Kazunori; Peiffer, Jeremiah J; Ihsan, Mohammed; Yeo, Chow C; Abbiss, Chris R; Journal of sports sciences2017Abstract/Full Text
One Night of Sleep Restriction Following Heavy Exercise Impairs 3-km Cycling Time Trial Performance in the MorningChase, John D; Roberson, Paul A; Saunders, Michael J; Hargens, Trent A; Womack, Christopher J; Luden, Nicholas D; Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
Within-season distribution of external training and racing workload in professional male road cyclistsMetcalfe, Alan J; Menaspà, Paolo; Villerius, Vincent; Quod, Marc; Peiffer, Jeremiah J; Govus, Andrew D; Abbiss, Chris R; International journal of sports physiology and performance2017Abstract/Full Text
Demands of World Cup Competitions in Elite Women Road CyclingMenaspà, Paolo; Sias, Marco; Bates, Gene; La Torre, Antonio; International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance2017Abstract/Full Text
Effects of cardiovascular risks and acute exercise on cognitive and brain functioning in young adultsCalvert, Hannah Grace; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Similar metabolic response to lower-versus upper-body interval exercise or endurance exerciseFrancois, Monique E; Graham, Matthew J; Parr, Evelyn B; Rehrer, Nancy J; Lucas, Samuel JE; Stavrianeas, Stasinos; Cotter, James D; Metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
The Effect of Nitrate Supplementation on Cycling Performance in the Heat in Well-Trained CyclistsMcQuillan, Joseph A; Casadio, Julia R; Dulson, Deborah K; Laursen, Paul B; Kilding, Andrew E; International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance2017Abstract/Full Text
Similar pattern of change in V?o 2 kinetics, vascular function, and tissue oxygen provision following an endurance training stimulus in older and young adultsMcLay, Kaitlin M; Murias, Juan M; Paterson, Donald H; American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Acute effects of exercise posture on executive function in transient ischemic attack patientsFaulkner, James; Stoner, Lee; Grigg, Rebecca; Fryer, Simon; Stone, Keeron; Lambrick, Danielle; Psychophysiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Single and combined effects of beetroot crystals and sodium bicarbonate on 4-km cycling time trial performanceCallahan, Marcus J; Parr, Evelyn B; Hawley, John A; Burke, Louise M; International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
The Immediate and Extended Effect of Diet and Exercise on Metabolic FlexibilityAllerton, Timothy; 2017Abstract/Full Text
The efficacy of protein supplementation during recovery from muscle-damaging concurrent exerciseEddens, Lee; Browne, Sarah; Stevenson, Emma J; Sanderson, Brad; van Someren, Ken; Howatson, Glyn; Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
Rest interval duration does not influence adaptations in acid/base transport proteins following 10 wk of sprint-interval training in active womenMcGinley, Cian; Bishop, David J; American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Increased Fatigue Response to Augmented Deceptive Feedback during Cycling Time Trial.Ducrocq, Guillaume P; Hureau, Thomas J; Meste, Olivier; Blain, Grégory M; Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise2017Abstract/Full Text
Critical power testing or self-selected cycling: Which one is the best predictor of maximal metabolic steady-state?Maturana, Felipe Mattioni; Keir, Daniel A; McLay, Kaitlin M; Murias, Juan M; Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport2017Abstract/Full Text
Reliability of the Wingate Anaerobic Test with Ice Hockey Players on the Velotron Cycle ErgometerBringhurst, Ryan F; Wagner, Dale R; Schwartz, Sarah; 2017Abstract/Full Text
Exercise?induced quadriceps muscle fatigue in men and women: effects of arterial oxygen content and respiratory muscle workDominelli, Paolo B; Molgat?Seon, Yannick; Griesdale, Donald EG; Peters, Carli M; Blouin, Jean?Sébastien; Sekhon, Mypinder; Dominelli, Giulio S; Henderson, William R; Foster, Glen E; Romer, Lee M; The Journal of Physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Effect of Different Whole Body Vibration Frequencies on Anaerobic Parameters during Ergometer Wingate TestAl-horani, Ramzi; Journal of Applied Sports Science2017Abstract/Full Text
The positive cognitive impact of aerobic fitness is associated with peripheral inflammatory and brain-derived neurotrophic biomarkers in young adultsHwang, Jungyun; Castelli, Darla M; Gonzalez-Lima, F; Physiology & Behavior2017Abstract/Full Text
The near-infrared spectroscopy-derived deoxygenated haemoglobin breaking-point is a repeatable measure that demarcates exercise intensity domainsIannetta, Danilo; Qahtani, Ahmad; Maturana, Felipe Mattioni; Murias, Juan Manuel; Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport2017Abstract/Full Text
Multi-modal exercise training and protein-pacing enhances physical performance adaptations independent of growth hormone and BDNF but may be dependent on IGF-1 in exercise-trained menIves, Stephen J; Norton, Chelsea; Miller, Vincent; Minicucci, Olivia; Robinson, Jake; O'Brien, Gabe; Escudero, Daniela; Paul, Maia; Sheridan, Caitlin; Curran, Kathryn; Growth Hormone & IGF Research2017Abstract/Full Text
¿ Dónde Acomodar el HIT? Una Examinación de la Respuesta Afectiva a Intervalos de Alta Intensidad Comparado con Ejercicio Continuo de Moderada y Vigorosa Intensidad en el Continium de Intensidad de Ejercicio-AfectoJung, Mary E; Bourne, Jessica E; Little, Jonathan P; PubliCE Premium2017Abstract/Full Text
Les effets de la compression externe dynamique péristaltique type Normatec sur la récupération sportiveKabore, C; Kaux, JF; Science & Sports2017Abstract/Full Text
Acute normobaric hypoxia increases post-exercise lipid oxidation in healthy malesKelly, Liam P; Basset, Fabien A; Frontiers in physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Efecto de Períodos de Recuperación Activa vs Pasiva Durante el Ejercicio Intermitente de Alta Intensidad Sobre la Oxigenación del Tejido Local en Hombres Sedentarios Mayores de 18-30 Años de EdadKriel, Yuri; Kerhervé, Hugo A; Askew, Christopher D; Solomon, Colin; PubliCE Premium2017Abstract/Full Text
Accuracy of Cycling Power Meters against a Mathematical Model of Treadmill CyclingMaier, Thomas; Schmid, Lucas; Müller, Beat; Steiner, Thomas; Wehrlin, Jon Peter; Abbiss, CR; Quod, MJ; Levin, G; Martin, DT; Laursen, PB; International Journal of Sports Medicine2017Abstract/Full Text
Effects of Carbohydrate Ingestion and Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on Repeat Sprint PerformanceKrings, Ben M; Peterson, Timothy J; Shepherd, Brandon D; McAllister, Matthew J; Smith, JohnEric W; International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism2017Abstract/Full Text
Autonomic cardiovascular modulation in masters and young cyclists following high-intensity interval trainingBorges, Nattai R; Reaburn, Peter R; Doering, Thomas M; Argus, Christos K; Driller, Matthew W; Clinical Autonomic Research2017Abstract/Full Text
Leptin, adiponectin, and ghrelin responses to endurance exercise in different ambient conditionsLaursen, Terence L; Zak, Roksana B; Shute, Robert J; Heesch, Matthew WS; Dinan, Nicholas E; Bubak, Matthew P; La Salle, D Taylor; Slivka, Dustin R; Temperature2017Abstract/Full Text
Blood Removal Influences Pacing During a 4-Minute Cycling Time TrialLawler, Nathan G; Abbiss, Chris R; Raman, Aaron; Fairchild, Timothy J; Maker, Garth L; Trengove, Robert D; Peiffer, Jeremiah J; International journal of sports physiology and performance2017Abstract/Full Text
Information acquisition differences between experienced and novel time trial cyclistsBoya, Manhal; Foulsham, Tom; Hettinge, Florentina; Parry, David; Williams, Emily; Jones, Hollie; Sparks, Andy; Marchant, David; Ellison, Paul; Bridge, Craig; Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise2017Abstract/Full Text
Superior mitochondrial adaptations in human skeletal muscle after interval compared to continuous single?leg cycling matched for total workMacInnis, Martin J; Zacharewicz, Evelyn; Martin, Brian J; Haikalis, Maria E; Skelly, Lauren E; Tarnopolsky, Mark A; Murphy, Robyn M; Gibala, Martin J; The Journal of physiology2017Abstract/Full Text
Additive Benefits of ?-Alanine Supplementation and Sprint-Interval TrainingBellinger, Phillip M; Minahan, Clare L; Medicine and science in sports and exercise2016Abstract/Full Text
The Physiological Responses to Cycling Stress.Larsen, Moriah; Skyline-The Big Sky Undergraduate Journal2016Abstract/Full Text
AltitudeOmics: Effect of exercise on baroreflex sensitivity at sea level and altitudeYazdani, Sasan; Bourdillon, Nicolas; Subudhi, Andrew W; Lovering, Andrew T; Roach, Robert C; Kayser, Bengt; Vesin, JM; Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 20162016Abstract/Full Text
The Energy Cost of Heavy Intensity Cycling after Prior Heavy ExerciseWeir, Jamie; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Fatigue diminishes motoneuronal excitability during cycling exerciseWeavil, Joshua C; Sidhu, Simranjit K; Mangum, Tyler S; Richardson, Russell S; Amann, Markus; Journal of neurophysiology2016Abstract/Full Text
Caffeine Mouth Rinsing in the Fed State Does Not Enhance 3-km Cycling Performance In the Morning or EveningSweeney, Kayla; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Listening to music during sprint interval exercise: The impact on exercise attitudes and intentionsStork, Matthew J; Martin Ginis, Kathleen A; Journal of sports sciences2016Abstract/Full Text
Prevalence of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport among well-trained male Norwegian cyclists and long-distance runnersStenqvist, Thomas Birkedal; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Test-retest reliability of a 16.1 km time trial in trained cyclists using the CompuTrainer ergometerSparks, S Andy; Williams, Emily; Jones, Hollie; Bridge, Craig; Marchant, David; McNaughton, Lars; Journal of Science and Cycling2016Abstract/Full Text
Exogenous cortisol administration; effects on risk taking behavior, exercise performance, and physiological and neurophysiological responsesRobertson, Caroline V; Immink, Maarten A; Marino, Frank E; Frontiers in physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
The Effect of Sleep Restriction on Coagulation and Fibrinolysis After Heavy ExerciseRoberson, Paul A; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Time of day and training status both impact the efficacy of caffeine for short duration cycling performanceBoyett, James C; Giersch, Gabrielle EW; Womack, Christopher J; Saunders, Michael J; Hughey, Christine A; Daley, Hannah M; Luden, Nicholas D; Nutrients2016Abstract/Full Text
PEDAL FORCE ASYMMETRIES AND PERFORMANCE DURING A 20-KM CYCLING TIME TRIALBini, Rodrigo R; Jacques, Tiago C; Sperb, Carlos H; Lanferdini, Fábio J; Vaz, Marco A; Kineziologija2016Abstract/Full Text
The effect of fasted vs fed high-intensity interval exercise on metabolism and dietPerez, William Joseph; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Comparison of Critical Power and W? Derived from Two or Three Maximal TestsParker Simpson, Len; Kordi, Mehdi; International journal of sports physiology and performance2016Abstract/Full Text
Effects of Deployment on Musculoskeletal and Physiological Characteristics and BalanceNagai, Takashi; Abt, John P; Sell, Timothy C; Keenan, Karen A; McGrail, Mark A; Smalley, Brian W; Lephart, Scott M; Military medicine2016Abstract/Full Text
The effects of ultra short high intensity interval functional-equipment training on anaerobic capacity and body composition in healthy college studentsMoghaddam, Masoud; 2016Abstract/Full Text
The effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on physiology and performance in trained cyclistsMcQuillan, Joseph A; Dulson, Deborah K; Laursen, Paul B; Kilding, Andrew E; International journal of sports physiology and performance2016Abstract/Full Text
Dietary nitrate fails to improve 1 and 4km cycling performance in highly-trained cyclistsMcQuillan, Joseph A; Dulson, Deborah K; Laursen, Paul B; Kilding, Andrew E; International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism2016Abstract/Full Text
Vascular responsiveness measured by tissue oxygen saturation reperfusion slope is sensitive to different occlusion durations and training statusMcLay, Kaitlin M; Gilbertson, James E; Pogliaghi, Silvia; Paterson, Donald H; Murias, Juan M; Experimental physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
Fiber Type-Specific Satellite Cell Content in Cyclists Following Heavy Training with Carbohydrate and Carbohydrate-Protein SupplementationMcKenzie, Alec I; D'Lugos, Andrew C; Saunders, Michael J; Gworek, Keith D; Luden, Nicholas D; Frontiers in physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
Influence of training intensity on adaptations in acid/base transport proteins, muscle buffer capacity, and repeated-sprint ability in active menMcGinley, Cian; Bishop, David J; Journal of Applied Physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
Distinct protein and mRNA kinetics of skeletal muscle proton transporters following exercise can influence interpretation of adaptations to trainingMcGinley, Cian; Bishop, David J; Experimental physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
Exogenous Carbohydrate Reduces Cortisol Response from Combined Mental and Physical StressMcAllister, MJ; Webb, HE; Tidwell, DK; Smith, JW; Fountain, BJ; Schilling, MW; Williams, RD; International journal of sports medicine2016Abstract/Full Text
Critical Power MeasurementMaturana, Felipe Mattioni; Keir, Daniel A; McLay, Kaitlin M; Millet, Guillaume Y; Murias, Juan M; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Determining the Maximal Physiological Steady State in Cycling with Precision: Critical Power Estimations or Self-selected Exercise Intensity?Mattioni Maturana, Felipe; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Superior inhibitory control and resistance to mental fatigue in professional road cyclistsMartin, Kristy; Staiano, Walter; Menaspà, Paolo; Hennessey, Tom; Marcora, Samuele; Keegan, Richard; Thompson, Kevin G; Martin, David; Halson, Shona; Rattray, Ben; PloS one2016Abstract/Full Text
VESTPD as a measure of ventilatory acclimatization to hypobaric hypoxiaLoeppky, JA; Sheard, AC; Salgado, RM; Mermier, CM; Physiology International (Acta Physiologica Hungarica)2016Abstract/Full Text
The Effects of Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Concentration on Cycling Time Trial PerformanceYouell, Jonathan; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Effects of Shroom Tech Sport supplementation and concurrent training on body composition, performance, and health in collegiate-aged menKreipke, Vince C; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Effect of Ambient Temperature on Substrate Metabolism and Performance in Endurance-Trained CyclistsBach, Christopher William; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Acute high-intensity exercise-induced cognitive enhancement and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in young, healthy adultsHwang, Jungyun; Brothers, R Matthew; Castelli, Darla M; Glowacki, Elizabeth M; Chen, Yen T; Salinas, Mandy M; Kim, Jihoon; Jung, Yeonhak; Calvert, Hannah G; Neuroscience letters2016Abstract/Full Text
A Comparison of the Accuracy and Reliability of the Wahoo KICKR and SRM Power MeterHoon, Matthew Wallace; Michael, Scott W; Patton, Raymond L; Chapman, Phillip G; Areta, José L; Journal of Science and Cycling2016Abstract/Full Text
Local oxygen consumption in cycling: the effect of chronic nitrate supplementation on muscle oxygen consumption (mVO2) during low and high intensity constant-load cyclingHagen, Lars Oddvar; Master's Thesis, Department of NeuroScience2016Abstract/Full Text
Acclimation training improves endurance cycling performance in the heat without inducing endotoxemiaGuy, Joshua H; Pyne, David B; Deakin, Glen B; Miller, Catherine M; Edwards, Andrew M; Frontiers in physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
Solid, Gel, and Liquid Carbohydrate Format Effects on Gut Comfort and PerformanceGuillochon, Mathilde; Rowlands, David S; International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism2016Abstract/Full Text
Mitochondrial adaptations to high-volume exercise training are rapidly reversed after a reduction in training volume in human skeletal muscleGranata, Cesare; Oliveira, Rodrigo SF; Little, Jonathan P; Renner, Kathrin; Bishop, David J; The FASEB Journal2016Abstract/Full Text
The Effect of the CYP1A2-163 C> A Polymorphism on the Metabolism of Caffeine and Effect on PerformanceGiersch, Gabrielle E; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Endurance Training Intensity Does Not Mediate Interference to Maximal Lower-Body Strength Gain during Short-Term Concurrent TrainingFyfe, Jackson J; Bartlett, Jonathan D; Hanson, Erik D; Stepto, Nigel K; Bishop, David J; Frontiers in physiology2016Abstract/Full Text
No effect of acute and chronic dietary nitrate supplementation on muscle oxygen consumption-recovery following exerciseFurland, Anders Myklebust; 2016Abstract/Full Text
The effects of direct current stimulation on exercise performance, pacing and perception in temperate and hot environmentsBarwood, Martin J; Butterworth, Jake; Goodall, Stuart; House, James R; Laws, Ryan; Nowicky, Alexander; Corbett, Jo; Brain stimulation2016Abstract/Full Text
Prescription Strength Ibuprofen Interferes with Prophylactic Adaptations to Heavy ExerciseEhrbar, Jessica; 2016Abstract/Full Text
No effect of acute nitrate supplementation on muscle oxygen consumption in arm and legEggerud, Simen; 2016Abstract/Full Text
Predicting Critical Power in Elite Cyclists: Questioning Validity of the 3-min All-out TestBartram, Jason C; Thewlis, Dominic; Martin, David T; Norton, Kevin I; International journal of sports physiology and performance2016Abstract/Full Text
The effect of osteopathic manual therapy with breathing retraining on dysfunctional breathing and exercise economy: a randomised controlled trialBarnett, Lacey Ellen; 2016Abstract/Full Text
The Effect of Higher Than Recommended Protein Feedings Post-Exercise on Recovery Following Downhill Running in Masters TriathletesDoering, Thomas M; Reaburn, Peter R; Borges, Nattai R; Cox, Gregory R; Jenkins, David G; International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism2016Abstract/Full Text
Supplemental protein during heavy cycling training and recovery impacts skeletal muscle and heart rate responses but not performanceD’Lugos, Andrew C; Luden, Nicholas D; Faller, Justin M; Akers, Jeremy D; McKenzie, Alec I; Saunders, Michael J; Nutrients2016Abstract/Full Text
Effect of concurrent resistance and sprint training on body composition and cardiometabolic health indicators in masters cyclistsDelvecchio, Luke; Reaburn, Peter; Trapp, Gail; Korhonen, Marko T; Journal of exercise rehabilitation2016Abstract/Full Text
Effect of concurrent resistance and sprint training on body composition and cardiometabolic health indicators in masters cyclistsDelvecchio, Luke; Reaburn, Peter; Trapp, Gail; Korhonen, Marko T; Journal of exercise rehabilitation2016Abstract/Full Text
The Reliability of a Laboratory-based 4 km Cycle Time Trial on a Wahoo KICKR Power TrainerZadow, Emma Kate; Fell, James W; Kitic, Cecilia M; Journal of Science and Cycling2016Abstract/Full Text
The effects of block training on pacing during 20-km cycling time trialCosta, Vitor Pereira; Guglielmo, Luiz Guilherme Antonacci; Paton, Carl David; Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism2016Abstract/Full Text
Exercise-induced fatigue and caffeine supplementation affect psychomotor performance but not covert visuo-spatial attentionConnell, Charlotte JW; Thompson, Benjamin; Kuhn, Gustav; Gant, Nicholas; PLoS one2016Abstract/Full Text
The Effect of Short and Long Term Endurance Training on Systemic, and Muscle and Prefrontal Cortex Tissue Oxygen Utilisation in 40–60 Year Old WomenBuzza, Gavin; Lovell, Geoff P; Askew, Christopher D; Kerhervé, Hugo; Solomon, Colin; PloS one2016Abstract/Full Text
Validity of the Wahoo KICKR Power TrainerZadow, Emma; Kitic, Cecilia; Wu, Sam; Smith, Stuart T; Fell, James; 2016 Research to Practice Conference Proceedings2016Abstract/Full Text
Pre-exercise energy drink consumption does not improve endurance cycling performance but increases lactate, monocyte and interleukin-6 responsePHILLIP, MELODY D; RoLA, KELYN S; CHRISTENSEN, KENNETH V; Ross, JACOB W; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research2014Abstract/Full Text
Training MasksDollar, US; 2014Abstract/Full Text
UnderGround Forums Elevation training mask 2?Post, Ttt Phone; 2013Abstract/Full Text
Sex differences in the integrated response to high respiratory muscle work during exerciseDominelli, Paolo Biagio; Abstract/Full Text
Altered psychological responses to different magnitudes of deception during cyclingFUNDING, SOURCE OF; larsAbstract/Full Text
Publicación completa Perfil Metabólico del Campeonato Mundial Ironman: Estudio de un CasoCuddy, John S; Hailes, Dustin R Slivka Walter S; Ruby, Charles L Dumke Brent C; Abstract/Full Text

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