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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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RacerMate, Inc., of Seattle, announces the introduction of a new 3D Bike Course Creation software package for use with its CompuTrainer and Velotron electronic bicycle ergometer/trainers. Developed under a long term exclusive agreement with DeLorme Publishing Company, Inc. of Yarmouth, Maine (a leading supplier of U.S. topographical software) this new software bundle makes it possible to create any bike course in the U.S. – on-road or off. Courses that previously required hours of data collection and course building can now be created in a fraction of the time. Training for your next race without being there is now that much easier!

The DeLorme Topo USA RacerMate Edition software comes preloaded with 10 famous bike and triathlon routes including the Saturn Cycling Classic in Colorado and the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. This is a fully functional version of DeLorme Topo USA built from the Topo 4.0 platform and can perform all the normal functions associated with that software package, such as generating maps, elevation profiles and viewing topographical terrain.

The routes created using DeLorme Topo USA RacerMate Edition are converted to courses (in both PC1 and 3D version 3.0 format) using the new RacerMate Course Creator software. This program also lists a host of other long awaited features, like editing courses and viewing important course statistics. This takes the guesswork out of course creation and determining difficulty levels before you commit yourself to the ride.

The DeLorme/RacerMate software bundle consists of the DeLorme Topo USA RacerMate Edition (exclusively designed for RacerMate) available on 1 DVD-ROM disc or 7 CD-ROM discs – plus the new RacerMate Course Creator software to convert DeLorme topographical route data into courses for the latest RacerMate 3D version 3.0 and PC1 software programs. The retail price is $149 and is sold exclusively through RacerMate.
Call our sales department at 1-800 522-3610
*NOTE: GPS Course Creator

GPS Course Creator is now available for users of the Garmin Edge 305 and other GPS devices using the popular GPX format.  For more information on this version of Course Creator, click here.