Rachel Joyce

CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete Since 2009 

My CompuTrainer has once again been an integral part of my training this season.  During the British winter it is an essential piece of equipment, saving me from the icy roads and I spent a good few hours getting my long rides done indoors.  But, it’s not just for rainy days. The CompuTrainer comes into it’s own for those all out, threshold sessions which I kind of love to hate.  There’s no hiding when the numbers are right there for you to see and every week I’ll almost get nervous before my key CompuTrainer work out.  I love it…I think ;).  -  Rachel Joyce 07/13/2011


Career Highlights

ITU World Long Course Tri. Championships 2011 | World Champion
Challenge Roth 2012 | 1st
Ironman Lanzarote 2011 | 1st
Ironman Melbourne 2012 | 2nd
Ironman World Championships 2011 | 4th
Ironman World Championships 2010 | 5th
Ironman World Championships 2009 | 6th
Ironman 70.3 Kansas | 1st

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