Nicole Kelleher

Thanks so much CompuTrainer for making a truely amazing training tool! The CompuTrainer was critical to my training in winning the REV3 Pro Series Title this year! Thank you!!!  -  Nicole Kelleher 10/29/2012

The CompuTrainer is one of the most valuable training tools available for cyclists and triathletes today.  In preparing for a time trial event, nothing beats sweating out intervals in an environment where you are pressing the pedals constantly.  The CompuTrainer provides a workout without downhills, turns or any other disruptions to maintaining a constant power output from your legs. Nothing beats this type of training for time trial preparation.  The CompuTrainer has been the single most valuable training tool in my off-season bike preparation. It is just the beginning of the race season and I have seen huge benefits already!

The power gains that can be seen by using a CompuTrainer are truly unparalleled.  I had more success in the 2012 season than I could have imagined. This success was, in largest part, due to my CompuTrainer training all off season and throughout the bulk of my preparation for racing. CompuTrainer makes off season training during the winter months effective, worthwhile and fun. CompuTrainer makes it easy to enjoy getting faster and more prepared for next season!

CompuTrainer makes it possible to fit training into my busy schedule as a full time medical student and full time professional athlete.  There is no way I could compete at a professional level in triathlon without the flexibility and benefits that owning a CompuTrainer give me in my training.  I need the highest yield training tools I can find; CompuTrainer makes balancing life, work and triathlon possible! - 01/18/2013


Career Highlights

2012 Winner of Rev3 Professional Triathlon Series
1st- Rev3 Wisconsin 2012 (fastest bike and run splits)
1st- Rev3 South Carolina 2012 (fastest run split)
1st- Rev3 Costa Rica 2012 (fastest bike and run splits)
1st- Rev3 Maryland 2012 (fastest run split)
1st- USAT Collegiate National Championship 2010
3rd- USAT Professional National Championships ITU 2012
2nd- Rev3 Florida 2012
2nd- South Beach Triathlon 2011 (fastest run split)
2nd- Washington DC Triathlon 5150 2011
2nd- Giant Eagle Triathlon 5051 (fastest bike split)

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