Marino Vanhoenacker

CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete Since 2012

For a long time I hated indoorcycling. With the cold winters in Belgium, the only option left for me were training campus in the Canary Islands. Things changed when I got CompuTrainer as a partner, there are so many options to put variation in the trainings sessieons that I actually started to like these sessions. Especially the Real Time Video stuff I like a lot, now I can ride several courses worldwide and I don’t have to leave my garage. The evaluation of all the training data after a session is really nice to get an idea of what you really did so you can decide what needs to change or what was all ready good. So all in all the perfect tool to get a whole lot more professional, scientific and maybe most important off all a whole lot more FUN.

Career Highlights

1st IRONMAN Florida 2005
1st IRONMAN Austria Klagenfurt 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
1st IRONMAN South Africa 2009
5th IRONMAN World Championships Hawaii 2007
6th IRONMAN World Championships Hawaii 2006