Jackie Arendt

CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete Since 2011

I have been training on CompuTrainers for over 3 years and have noticed significant gains in my cycling. I live in Wisconsin, where winter is at least half of the year, which means at least 6 months are spent cycling indoors. CompuTrainer works well for me because workouts can be pre-programmed, or if on manual mode, the watts just set at what you want and all you have to do is pedal! It’s great training for keeping cadence high and can be fun if you have a ride simulation program and a group of friends. It’s also great when you are on a time crunch – you can get a great, shorter, but much more focused, ride in on the CompuTrainer than you could outside.

Career Highlights

1st place IRONMAN WI 2013
IRONMAN Louisville, 2nd place 2011 and 2012
IRONMAN St. George, 2nd place 2011
IRONMAN Lake Placid, 4th place 2011
3x IRONMAN Hawaii World Championships finisher

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