Dr. Len Gushe

CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete Since 1996

Dr. Len Gushe is an emergency room doctor in Ontario
He got a CompuTrainer at age 33 and turned Pro at 38
Every year since then he has set personal bests on the bike
In 2010, at age 47, he set the all-time fastest bike split of 1 hr. 20 Min. 39 Sec
(faster than the current world champion)
on the 55 mil, hilly Muskoka Triathlon bike course.
He jokingly has called himself ‘CompuTrainer Len’.

“Many thanks for CompuTrainer . . . . it is the single biggest reason why my cycling
has gone from my relative weakness to my relative strength in the past 12 years.

It’s hard work, but it’s fun, and part of what makes these types of hard work workouts fun is that they are “measurable”, and it is fun to challenge the clock, and challenge the numbers, and in essence challenge yourself.

The greatest thing about your CompuTrainer is the indexed and accurate wattage resistance that it offers the rider and displays. I believe the CompuTrainer is the biggest reason why my cycling has improved over time and indirectly why my swim and run have improved also (though sadly not quite as much)! The CompuTrainer has taught me to train at greater and greater intensities across the board.

The results speak for themselves . . . a 10 win/8 course record triathlon season in 2006, 3 course records and all-time PB’s already in 2007. All my bike splits this year have ranged between 39.5 and 44kph (24.8mph and 27.5mph), for race rides that have been anywhere between 34 and 90 kilometers in length. I have come off the bike first in every single triathlon I have raced in since the end of the 2002 triathlon year, including two triathlon races against world champ Craig Alexander and his fast Australian colleagues here in 2007. That’s a total of over 30 triathlons in the past 4 1/2 years, and I largely owe it to CompuTrainer!”  Dr. Len Gushe Age: 45

Career Highlights

2000 Age Group Winner - Ironman World Championship Hawaii
2001 - Turned Pro
2002 - Overall Winner Muskoka, Canadian Subaru Triathon Challenge,
Ontario Olympic Distance and Long Course Championships
2003 - Winner Muskoka and Canadian Subaru Championship
2006 - Won 10 Taces as Pro and set 8 Course Records
2007 - Won 7 Races as Pro, set 5 Course Records, Set all-time (non-draft)
Olympic Distance PB at 1 hour 51 minutes