Camilla Lindholm

CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete Since 2009

For me, being pregnant, the CompuTrainer has meant everything. In August, I was hit by a car when biking outdoors.  It took a while to recover, but my baby was all right - thank God.  After that I did not want to take any more risks, so the CompuTrainer has been outstanding and irreplaceable for me. ——  I know how effective the CompuTrainer is.  After almost no biking outdoors before the European Powerman Duathlon Championships in Holland in April, 2011 I won there for the second time.  I was amazed how well my fitness was that early after a horrible Swedish winter.  -  Camilla Lindholm 11/29/2011

Just before Christmas I went to Frankfurt and did a bike fit with Ljoyd Thomas. What a difference – I did not know that biking could feel that smooth and easy. The good thing is that my pedal stroke was really great and I thank my CompuTrainer for that.  Read the rest here

IN 2011
2011 1st European Championship Powerman, duathlonIN 2010
2a Yddingeloppet
2a Skåne Grand Prix, running
2nd Powerman Malaysia
1 Penang International Marathon 10km (35.07)
DNF Asian Pacific Championship Phuket
Ranked 1st in the world Powerman
3a Duathlon World Championships, Zofingen
3a Challenge Copenhagen, Copenhagen
1a Wallander race (maturity)
1a Hörby market years (maturity)
7a (pro) Challenge Kraichgau half Ironman
1a Angel Milen, Ängelholm
1a Springtime, Helsingborg
1st Championship Powerman, duathlon
IN 2009
2a Powerman, Malaysia
3a Championships Zofingen, duathlon
1a Malmo 10km
6a IM Zurich (pro)
2a Championship Powerman, duathlon
1a Vårruset Malmo
3a SM 1/2 marathon, Göteborgsvarvet (6 total)
IN 2008
8a Ironman Arizona
1a SM duathlon (law)
2a Hörby market race (running)
2a Wallander race (running)
1a DM 1/2 marathon (new club record)
1a Yddingeloppet (running)
1a Skåne Grand Prix (running)
2a SM Duathlon
1st Malmo 10km ( running)
1a Skåne motocross championship (running)
3a Springtime Helsingborg (running)
4a IM Brazil (pro class)
2a Hilleshög tempo
7a Powerman Championships, duathlon
1st X-duathlon (3rd round of the HTT’s X-duathlon cup)
IN 2007
1st X-duathlon (2nd round of the HTT’s X-duathlon cup)
1 X duathlon (1st round of the HTT’s X-duathlon cup)
1 DM in Pursuit (cycling)
2a DM partempo (cycle)
2a DM pace (bike)
1st SM triathlon (Ironman Distance)
1a Ystad tempo (3mil)
1a X-duathlon (Denmark)
1a Köge duathlon (Denmark)
1a Relay - SM triathlon
1a Sövde ½ Ironman (new track record)
7a Ironman South Africa (pro class)
6a Sprint SM triathlon
3a Hilleshög tempo (cycle)
4a Hilleshög race (road race bike)
14onde pace - SM (bike)
IN 2006
1a Sala ½ Ironman
1a SM Duathlon (team)
1st SM Olympic distance (law)
1a DM paced (cycle)
1a DM Pursuit (cycling)
1a DM partempo (cycle)
2a Sövde ½ Ironman
2a Blovstrød X-Duathlon (Denmark)
2a Ganlöse X-duathlon (Denmark)
3a SM Duathlon
3a SM Ironman Distance
Triathlon Elsinore 5a
8a SM Olympic distance (with broken ribs)
IN 2005
1a SM ironman distance (law)
2a Rimforsa (race in the Swedish Cup multisport)
2a SARA (race in the Swedish Cup multisport)
3a SM Ironman Distance
9a (agegroup) Florida Ironman
IN 2004
3a Mörksuggejakten (mtb)
3a Ranneslatt Uren (mtb)
5a Kjell tour (mtb)
6a Nordic cross country championships in mtb
7a Long tranquility (mtb)
7a Finnmarksturen (after cycle crash after 17km)
6 a total of Swedish Endurance Cup in mtb