Ben Collins

CompuTrainer Sponsored Athlete Since 2011

“This week I reached an agreement with RacerMate, makers of CompuTrainer, for sponsorship starting in 2012. I’ve been training on a CompuTrainer for a couple of years now, so the partnership is a natural fit. The hard work that’s taken me from an average cyclist to Hy-Vee prime winning cyclist has been overwhelmingly indoors on a CompuTrainer. In the past I’ve used only the basic functions of the CompuTrainer, but I’m looking forward to working with RacerMate to learn how to use features like SpinScan pedal stroke analysis, real course simulations, and customized workouts. By maximizing my use of indoor power training, I’m hoping I can reach a new level of cycling ability next year. Booyah!”


Career Highlights

2011 Results:
Nautica New York City Triathlon, 1st
5150 New Orleans Triathlon, 1st
Monroe ITU Pan America Cup, 2nd
Miami International Triathlon, 3rd
Hy-Vee 5150 Championships, won all four bike primes and first run prime

2010 Results:
San Francisco ITU Pan-American Cup, 1st
San Francisco Alcatraz Triathlon, 1st
Amica 19.7 Championships, 1st
US Triathlon Grand Prix, 4th
Ishigaki World Cup, 10th

2009 Results:
Nautica South Beach Triathlon, 1st
Pan American Championships, 5th
Huatulco ITU World Cup, 7th
Toyota US Open Triathlon, 7th
Brazil Fast Triathlon, 2nd
(team USA)
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon, 9th (bike course record)

2008 Results:
South Beach Triathlon, 2nd
Brazil Fast Triathlon, 3rd (With Team USA)
Kelowna Pan-America Cup, 8th

2007 Professional Results:
Scott Tinley’s Triathlon, 3rd
San Francisco Pan-America Cup, 12th

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