Welcome to the RacerMate® technical support contact page.

If your issues are likely related to RacerMate software, be sure that you've installed the most current version of program you are having issues with. Please try this prior to requesting support, as we'll likely need you to update anyway before we can begin troubleshooting with you.

You can check for updates to your RacerMate software right here.

After you've verified that you're up-to-date, please follow the steps below to submit a technical support ticket.

Step 1 - Generate a diagnostic report

First, our support team will need to get a Windows generated technical file from your system called a "Dxdiag report". We'll need to do this in order to see some information about your computer to best diagnose any technical problems you're experiencing. The information in the Windows Dxdiag report is non-personal and can only be used for technical support purposes.

Create DirectX Diagnostic Report:

Step 1: Run the DirectX application on your computer.

   • On Windows XP select Start, then click on Run. Type DXDIAG and then click OK to launch the app.
   • On Vista (if you don’t see Run) right-click the Task-bar, choose Properties, then the Start Menu tab. Select Classic Start Menu. This will modify the start menu and give you the Run command. Then follow the XP instructions.
   • On Windows 7, select the Start button and type DXDIAG in the search box to search for dxdiag.exe and double-click it to launch the app.
   • On Windows 8, hover over the right side of the screen, select Search, Select Apps, type DXDIAG and on the left you should see this app you can click.

Note: If the application asks you to check for WHQL certified drivers, you can skip this check.

Step 2: After the program has finished loading, run all the tests shown on the Display tab (if available).

Step 3: Click on the ‘Save all information’ button to create a "DXDIAG.TXT" report on your Windows desktop.

Step 4: Upload the "DXDIAG.TXT" using the file upload tool provided below within the form.

Step 2 - Collect your hardware information

If this is a hardware-based technical support request, please collect some serial numbers and version numbers from the trainer in question:

Handlebar Controller

Please provide your Handlebar Controller software version number and serial number. For CompuTrainer, the version number (or firmware version) will show on the Handlebar Controller LCD display for the first few seconds after you power up the system. If the display is non-functional, please provide only the serial number and indicate that "the display is dead” somewhere in your comments. This is not applicable to Velotron.

   Where is the Handlebar Controller serial number?

Load Generator

Please provide your Load Generator model number and serial number. The CompuTrainer model number is the name or number found on the front of the generator (i.e., Cat 8000, 8001, 8002, Pro, Lab) and the serial number is on a sticker on the back near the roller. The serial number is needed for Velotron, but the model number is not.

   Where is the CompuTrainer Load Generator serial number?
   Where is the Velotron Load Generator serial number?

USB adapter type

Please determine the type of adapter you are connecting your trainer to the computer with. Provide the type number in the space provided below.

   What USB adapter or serial adapter do I currently have?

Step 3 - Send your information to our support team

Please fill out each field below so that we can assist you as quickly and thoroughly as possible - thank you in advance for your help with this.

If you've already contacted us and know that you need to send your RacerMate product back, or if you already know your issue to require a physical product evaluation by our technical team, instead please fill out the Return Authorization Request Form.

Technical or software issue?

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Handlebar Controller Version
• If sending more than one, separate numbers with a comma
• Velotron customers please write "N/A"

Handlebar Controller Serial Number
• See above instructions for locating this number
• If sending more than one, separate numbers with a comma
• Velotron customer please write "N/A"

Load Generator Version
• If sending more than one, separate numbers with a comma
• Velotron customers please write "N/A"

Load Generator Serial Number
• See the above instructions for locating this number
• If sending more than one, separate numbers with a comma

Upload your DirectX Diagnostics File (dxdiag.txt)
• See the above instructions to generate this file

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