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What exactly is sport-specific training, and why is it so important? How is it any different from normal training, and how can CompuTrainer get me there?

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you already realize how important structured training can be to break through performance plateaus in your cycling. A basic and classical understanding of training goes something like this: lift some weights, get some cardio exercise, and you’ll be stronger at your sport. But as athletes push the envelope more every year, and the competition becomes even tighter, it’s the athletes with the most focused and structured programs that gain the competitive edge. Sport-specific training is the evolution of normal training, and it’s required to create the correct muscle recruitment and firing patterns that your body needs to excel in a sport. By training in a way that as closely parallels the exact demands of your sport as possible, you’re able to yield the most benefit from your rigorous workout program.

The body is incredible in its ability to adapt to physical stress, but also very literal in that adaption. Even though a triathlete may use many of the same body parts during an entire race, such as the 23 muscles of the leg and their cardiovascular system, training to be an excellent runner will not automatically make you an excellent cyclist as well. The complex patterns of muscles used to run differ greatly from those used to pedal, and as a result, working on your running ability won’t necessarily be the optimal training for better bike splits. This is the beauty of triathlons, as athletes need to balance training for three sports while maintaining a focused plan for each field. There are also arguable neuromuscular adaptions that need to occur during training for a specific sport, and even one’s mental state must be finely tuned to manage the stressful pace of a long race.

It logically follows that in order for a triathlete to achieve the most gains in cycling strength and stamina, they must train with the most realistic road conditions and physics possible. CompuTrainer is the only training system capable of the detailed sensitivity required to replicate true road-feel. Our load generator can update resistance at a incredible rate of 100 times per second, giving our advanced software the unique ability to mirror the natural torque fluctuations a rider experiences each time they pedal. Our hardware also boasts an industry-leading accuracy of 2.5%, with repeatability within 1% – this consistency is vital for training improvement. Even wind Drag Factor is adjustable in order to ensure that you feel like you’re riding outdoors. And with advanced software algorithms for creating a true electronic inertial effect, the resistance you feel when you pedal on a CompuTrainer is the same as when you’re on the road come race day. Genuine, sport-specific training has never been so accessible.

We’re proud of our innovations, and are commitment to absolute training accuracy. At RacerMate, Perfection is Our Passion.

“In order to be successful, a training strategy should emphasize specificity. That’s why I feel confident suggesting CompuTrainer when I recommend an indoor trainer to cyclists and triathletes. Its unique characteristics and technology allow the riders to train indoors, using their own bike, with similar inertial effect as when riding on the road. For the last 15 years, CompuTrainer has been a reliable instrument when preparing riders to succeed in National and International events.”

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