RacerMate One Support

What is RacerMate One? – RacerMate One is to be a replacement for all previous software applications created for CompuTrainer and Velotron – with the exception of Wingate software for Velotron. But as with most software developments, it is a work in progress as time and funding allows. The first release on was on July 1, 2012 and included support for the home user (1 or 2 CompuTrainers). The 2nd release scheduled to include a new Course Creator was released in December 2013. Velotron support and Classic MultiRider software (adding support for over 2 riders) are the next items on our list to include.

Upgrade to RacerMate One – Previous users of legacy CompuTrainer software can upgrade to RacerMate One by purchasing it from our Upgrades page, but you can also download a demo copy (see link below) to see what it is all about; as well as to determine the capcity of their computer to run the software.

Demo version – The demo version below is the same version shipped on-disc with CompuTrainer and can be used for those who need a copy to place it on their USB stick – those who do not have a CD-drive on their computer.


RacerMate One Version 4.0.6 Patch


This version adds Course Creator and a few other improvements to RacerMate One version 4.0.2 and this previous version must be installed to apply this patch. Improvements and changes to the Help system to walk you through the use of Course Creator.

Version 4.0.6

Download here

The above link requires installing 4.0.2 or later (beta users may have versions 4.0.3 through 4.0.5 installed)

Known issue: Users with Windows running a language other than ENGLISH will have issues opening Course Creator. It will fail. We are looking into this and think it may be related to data having comma’s instead of periods in European file formats. Current work-around is to install an English update to Windows and switch to it if you are needing to create a course.


RacerMate One ANT+ Patch


This will add ANT+ heart rate capability to your RacerMate One software. For more information, click the link below to read more about this and download the patch.

ANT+ Page


RacerMate One Demo Version – or Web-based install (users lacking CD drive for install)


This version, though the same as the version on our software disc, will only run in DEMO MODE until it is registered. You can only register it after you have purchased the software and we have provided you with a registration key, which will benefit users having a computer without a CD-ROM drive. While in an unregistered state, the software will NOT communicate with the trainer while on the race screens and is used solely as a demo version (see demo mode instructions below).

Version 4.0.2

Download here

The above link requires the following user name and password. Spell them exactly as shown, in ENGLISH

(are you reading this page with a translator? Turn it off – the translation will not work):

Type this username in ENGLISH: TryRM1

Type this password in ENGLISH: TryRM1


Known issues

  • VeloTron Gear selection is not passing through to real-time application.
  • VeloTron SpinScan has Left-Right leg data reversed.
  • Response: The VeloTron is not completely supported in the initial release. Work on debugging Velotron feature will begin within the 2nd phase of RacerMate one developement.

  • Average speed and power updates in 0.2 increments.
  • Response: The data is still accurate and this is caused by a rounding issue. We will address this in a future release.

  • Windows XP users will notice issues or crashes while running manual courses in the “Power Training” application
  • Response: This is a known issue and because it only occurs within Windows XP we will continue in our efforts to resolve it, but with XP officially coming up on end-of-life status we may not resolve this issue before XP goes obsolete.


Support files

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1


Documents included with the software

Instructions sheet (PDF)

Who and where to contact us (PDF)


PDF created from the Help system courtesy of Ray Ruyack

RM1 Manual (PDF)

Key-press shortcuts (PDF)


Forum link

Forum page related to RacerMate One


Have any questions?

Running RacerMate One in Demo Mode


Demo Mode will help the user determine whether their computer can run the software. Most issues will arise while running the graphics within the 3D software, so follow these steps to verify the viability of the computer to run RacerMate one.

After you install RacerMate One Demo Version onto the computer, launch it. The software will be unregistered and will announce it is capable of running only in Demo Mode. Follow these steps to demo the 3D software, which will tax the system the most. If it will run, all applications are likely to as well:

  1. Launch RacerMate One and acknowledge the “Software is unregistered” - “Demo Mode” notice.
    Please note: you can run this 3D demo on registered software as well.
  2. Follow the First Use wizard to create at least one rider profile.
  3. Skip any request to calibrate the trainer, since the software is not capable of communication.
  4. From the Application Launchpad, select 3D Cycling from the Application Launchpad
  5. In the upper left corner of the 3D Cycling setup screen select “Edit” and select your Rider Profile in POS #1. Save this selection and return the 3D Cycling setup screen.
  6. Select any course from the course menu.
  7. Adjust the Start From/End At if you choose. You can play with this feature to see how it reacts to your commands.
  8. Press Start (lower right of the screen) to load the course and launch the 3D application.
  9. Press “D” to activate Demo mode. A very small “D” shows in the lower right corner of the databar widget.
  10. Press “A” a few times to add other riders - up to 8. We suggest loading all 8 riders to place a “load” on the graphics capability of this computer.
  11. Press “G” to start the timer. The riders on the screen will begin moving.
  12. If the riders move smoothly with no “hiccup movements” then the software will likely run well on this computer.