Simon’s Corner –

  Tuesday, 12 January 2016
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Simon’s Corner –

Simon’s Corner:

Sorry for being a day late.

Firstly, its hard to type quickly with one hand especially when its the weaker one.

Secondly I got sidetracked working through all of the responses from Fridays post.

78 of you sent me an insight to your biggest challenge.

Some of you did exactly what was asked and gave a detailed response and others just a few words.

To be honest I thought I’d get a lot more replies.

Maybe you thought there was a catch “(there wasn’t) or that it was too good to be true.

Nope, I was just being generous and those who responded will get a detailed personal reply from me.

Todays post is a video, which you can watch below. in there I have a startling revelation and some hidden gems for you. see if you can find them.

click here to watch

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