Simon’s Corner - How Much Running Is Enough?

by / Tuesday, 08 March 2016 / Published in Coaching, Simon's Corner
Simon’s Corner – How Much Running Is Enough?
Have you ever wondered how much running is the right amount to achieve your goal.
If you have then you wouldn’t be the only one.
With almost 200 athletes under my care at the moment I get asked a lot of questions.
Some come up more than others. Including this one….
Am I doing enough running to help me achieve my goal?
Maybe its a lack of confidence
Perhaps the belief in the myth that to run well, you have to run a lot, especially for longer distance events.
Pick up any tri or running magazine and can alwasy find an article about how many miles the elites run.
And woe be tide if you go onto the Ironman Journey, when you’ll be confronted with stories of mega mileage for AGers preparing for their first Ironman
NO WONDER athletes question their training regimes!
Whatever your belief, I think that just adding more running is not the answer to this question.
In todays video I’ll explain a little more….
Have a look and let me know what you think