Simon Says: Cycling in the Sweet Spot

by / Tuesday, 18 March 2014 / Published in Simon Says:, Training Tips

Simon Says: Only 8 weeks to go now until Ironman Lanzarote and I’m well into the final stages of my training. I’ve been writing about the “Sweet Spot” and the type of training you can do to “tickle” it. Well, its as relevant for Ironman as it is for Sprint distance events, so you’ll be pleased to know that I have been suffering just as much as you. I am pleased to report that its working though and today I’m going to share with you some of the bike sessions I have been doing and that you can enjoy as well.

Hitting the Cycling sweet spot

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  1. Deekshi says : Reply

    There’s been a lot of PowerCal flogging on the formus, but as a PowerTap Computrainer person who does spin classes, I’d love something that helps me estimate power from a Spin.Is there a way to use past PowerAgent files to define a model, or to do multiple ramp tests to refine a model? A single shot seems less useful than having the ability to accumulate and model data.

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