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CompuTrainer’s “Real Road Feel”

“What’s the difference between indoor bicycle training and the real road?”


All 23 muscles in a leg are used to create force on a bicycle crank. Creating pedal resistance electronically to match exactly what a rider sees on the road is a feature that is absolutely necessary for a stationary trainer to be sport-specific. Because CompuTrainer updates the current drive 100 times per second, it can generate the realistic road feel that no flywheel can.

Check it for yourself: On a flat outdoor stretch, time how long it takes to reach 20 MPH as fast as possible from a standing start using a bicycle computer and a stopwatch. Repeat this test on your CompuTrainer in the same gear setting. Enter your combined rider and bike weight, and time how long it takes to reach 20 MPH on a flat course. Your time will be equal to the road time. That’s the accuracy of CompuTrainer.

Smoother Pedaling Leads To Faster Riding.

There is no such thing as constant bike speed. When your pedals are at the top or bottom of a rotation, there’s almost no torque input, while at 90 degrees forward, you apply your maximum torque. This is most obvious while riding up a steep hill, when the bicycle moves forward in small bursts.

For these reasons, speed varies during every rotation of the pedals. Speed variations are unavoidable, but also inefficient. Why?

Wind Resistance. Universally, some energy is saved at speeds below an average, but these gains are far outweighed by the energy needed to overcome the increased wind resistance above that average. In fact, doubling your speed demands a whopping eight times the power to overcome the higher wind resistance. These physics also apply to each of your individual crank revolutions.

Smoother pedaling means less energy wasted, or more speed for your power. That’s Efficiency.

Only CompuTrainer’s exclusive SpinScan software makes the smallest fluctuations in speed visible through graphical and numerical biofeedback, using a speed sampling rate of 100 times per second. The more energy you save, the faster your splits will be.


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