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RacerMate One is latest generation of Windows PC training software - it's intuitive and packed with essential performance features. Currently compatible fully with CompuTrainer®, RacerMate One allows up-to eight riders.
Velotron® compatibility is being worked on and we'll include that here when available.


The key to analyzing pedaling efficiency with pinpoint accuracy. Measure your power split, angle of attack, and pedaling smoothness with polar and bar graphics.

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A unique recording process allows our Real Course Video Software to sync with the rider's speed. Filmed on race day to deliver an immersive riding experience!

Courses available here.


Take our 3D cycling software to the next level. Add 8 live riders and/or SmartPacers™ for a ride like no other. Multiple split-screen views and camera angles available.


A popular and effective method of pinpointing specific points of improvement. Metrics can be toggled to display only the desired channels to focus on during the ride.


  • Improved user experience with applications being combined into one Launchpad.
  • Global settings, like rider profiles, now apply to all applications.
  • One software application designed to run with both CompuTrainer and Velotron hardware.
  • New application setup screens use a common layout containing many new features.
  • Courses sort by altitude climbed, distance, time, wattage, name, number of laps.
  • Choose a Start At and End At on any course type.
  • Reverse a course to ride it in the other direction (not available on Real Course Video)
  • Out and Back a full course, or on any course section selected using Start At or End At. This will reverse the ride at the end and return to the beginning (not available on Real Course Video)
  • Repeated intervals on any course or course section. No more needing to create an actual looped course to do multiple laps or intervals.
  • Save any course edits as a new course for future riding.
  • Better pre-ride course statistics with movable dialog balloon pointing to a specific part of the course profile. Makes choosing a specific start or end point a breeze.
  • Improved rider setup which is now applied regardless of the application chosen. Choose your riders, pacers, and performance pacers all on the same screen.
  • Improved hardware detection and setup. Hardware is automatically setup when the software is launched and unique tools will allow MultiRider training centers a quick reassignment of hardware without once pulling a cable or going into Device Manager.
  • Calibration routine is now an application you can run at any time. Either do the automated 10-minute warm-up followed by a calibration – or pause and calibrate during any ride.
  • Performance data display presets can be customized and saved for future use. This allows a cleaner user selected display of data – or display all the data if you need to.
  • Vastly improved post-race data export preset for Training Peaks™ and WKO™
  • Application specific data export presets can be customized and saved for use with other applications using RacerMate export files.
  • Built-in Course Creator to edit or create any new course – or edit a course just before you ride it.
  • Built-in Help system. No need for printed manuals. We’ve gone green! Click the Help button on any screen and see context-specific instructions for any feature all from within RacerMate One.
  • See application specific improvements below…

  • Up to 8 riders; either live or Pacers
  • Many new Pacers: now “smart” and key off of live rider performance. Live riders can have their own Pacers and each Pacer reacts to the live rider.
  • Smart Pacers never “disappear off into the distance”, but hang out near their rider, waiting to behave as programmed. This means that 3 Pacers could be set at different speed, wattage, or heart rate, but only function at their unique settings when the live rider also chooses to produce the same values. This allows the live rider to move from zone to zone, at will, and have a pacer there – instantly – to pace them. Great for “watt testing” with the added benefit of rider inertia, which is not available in Watt/Erg mode testing.
  • Multiple Split Screens are available to display SpinScan screens, lap times, all performance data – for each live rider. An absolute must when having to address up to 8 riders and supply the performance statistics they demand.
  • Improved profile view shows rider drafting and distance between riders, and pacer adjustment information when active.
  • Full 3D rider images can be male/female, roadie or triathlete, or one of the chrome Pacer images.
  • Data bar cycles through riders allowing for 8 riders a view of the road and their data without trying to display data for all 8 riders at the same time.
  • Multiple camera angles can be selected by any rider for their turn on-screen or while in split screen. You have trailing, first-person, frontal, and random circular including a side-ways view.
  • New HUD (Heads-up display) course profile, SpinScan and display data overlay.
  • New Lap counters display current, last and best laps.

  • Up to two live riders can each have their own video to ride.
  • New Full-Screen view of the video adds a level of immersion into the ride.
  • New HUD (Heads-up display) course profile, SpinScan and display data overlay.
  • Option setting easily allows storage of larger videos on a remote drive and launch from within RacerMate One.

  • Now allows for more course types including time/grade, time/watts, distance/grade, distance/watts (new!), time/%AT courses.
  • Improved on-the-fly course creation while you ride! Adjust the grade or watts while you ride in manual control mode and the course will be created. You will be able to save this ridden course for future use.
  • Added lap and interval displays.

  • Now displays both Polar and Bar SpinScan on the same screen. Switch between them to focus on the larger version of your choice without losing the benefits offered by both.
  • Added a visual display of Average SpinScan. This is very helpful by showing your pedaling efficiency trend over the length of the ride.
  • You can now do a full-screen SpinScan ride using a course or manually. When manually ridden, the course will generate on-the-fly and can be saved after riding.

System Requirements

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
For more on System Requirements please check the Software Requirements Sheet.

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