RacerMate One Direct Download Instructions

Follow these instructions to install your RacerMate One™ Software.

Please note that the ANT+ patch is optional.

For information on system requirements for RacerMate One, please visit the requirements page.

RacerMate One Direct Download Steps

Please download version 4.0.2 first by clicking here.

You will need the software key provided to you in order to run this software.

Known issues:
Velotron Gear selection is not passing through to real-time application.
Velotron SpinScan has Left-Right leg data reversed.

Response: The Velotron is not completely supported in the initial release. Work on debugging Velotron feature will begin within the 2nd phase of RacerMate one development.

Average speed and power updates in 0.2 increments.

Response: The data is still accurate and this is caused by a rounding issue. We will address this in a future release.

Windows XP users will notice issues or crashes while running manual courses in the “Power Training” application.

Response: This is a known issue and because it only occurs within Windows XP we will continue in our efforts to resolve it, but with XP officially coming up on end-of-life status we may not resolve this issue before XP goes obsolete.

Please click here to download the 4.0.6 patch.

This version adds Course Creator and a few other improvements to RacerMate One version 4.0.2 and this previous version must be installed to apply this patch. Improvements and changes to the Help system to walk you through the use of Course Creator.

The above link requires installing 4.0.2 or later (beta users may have versions 4.0.3 through 4.0.5 installed).

Known issue: Users with Windows running a language other than ENGLISH will have issues opening Course Creator. It will fail. We are looking into this and think it may be related to data having commas instead of periods in European file formats. Current work-around is to install an English update to Windows and switch to it if you are needing to create a course.

Please click here to download the ANT+ patch. You must have RacerMate One 4.0.2 or later installed first to install this patch.

This will add ANT+ heart rate capability to your RacerMate One software. For more information, click the link below to read more about this and download the patch.

Read more about this patch and the associated USB drivers on the ANT+ compatibility page.