Wildflower Long Course Real Course Video

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Push yourself to the limit with this Real Course Video of the famed Wildflower Long Course – 56 miles featuring dramatic climbs in sunny California.

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Product Description

Filming Diary –

Finally. I’ve been looking at Wildflower Long Course probably longer than any RCV.

As some of the videos are, in “you get what you get” race-day filming you realize -after the fact- that there is just something not quite right about it. Suffice it to say, Wildflower was one of those.

It wasn’t all bad, but there was a long stretch of video on the last third of the course I just couldn’t release. So the decision was made to send the camera back out on the course on a regular non-race day and reshoot this section of course. You’ll notice when this happens.

All in all, the video is very good now. It’s in the batch of early takes when RCV was still young, but by the time the reshoot was made we had improved a lot. I think you’ll enjoy the experience of riding this very popular race.

One thing you will note, which I can’t exactly explain, the video distance doesn’t seem to match the distance on the software. We use GPS data to track distance, which is generally very accurate. On many of the mileage markers you see on the road the distances don’t agree. Checking the latitude/longitude of the GPS data to the location in the video all seem to match. Your guess is as good as mine as to the difference. Still a great training ride.


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