USAT Age Group Nationals Tuscaloosa Real Course Video

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This course starts with a short steep climb up Hackberry Lane immediately out of transition with an 180 degree turn at the top leading to a fast descent back down to Jack Warner Parkway, flat sections along the river, a challenging switchback climb up Queen City Avenue for approximately one-quarter mile and a fast descent back to Jack Warner Parkway on 21st Avenue. Bike course will continue east on Jack Warner Parkway with a right turn back onto Hackberry Lane to start next lap or continue straight to transition area after 8 laps are completed. Two laps through the smooth rolling hills and plains of this Real Course Video in Tuscaloosa is perfect for a scenic training session.

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Product Description

Filming Diary –

The filming of Tuscaloosa went pretty well. Though shot using a smaller motorcycle, we were not allowed to film in the bike lane. It still came out very nicely. It’s a two lap race, and both laps were filmed.

The race doesn’t appear to be overly challenging, full of nice rolling hills. It’s a great training ride whether you are doing this race or not.


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