Seagull Century – Princess Anne Metric

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A 62-mile ride on the Princess Anne Metric, a grueling endurance race filmed on a beautiful day in Maryland.

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Product Description

Filming Diary –

This course was filmed during the 2014 Seagull Century. It is the Princess Anne Metric route, which is about 62 miles. The weather was very nice, so expect plenty of blue sky and sun in the camera.

There was a car accident within the first few minutes of the ride, which you will be fast-forward beyond. The memory in the camera, which should have been plenty for this ride, ran out unbeknownst to the RCVman just a mile or so from the finish, but the GPS data is all there, so we ran the course to the end even though there was no film to go with it. You’ll see a static Seagull Classic logo as the course data runs out.

Despite the issues, we hope you enjoy this course!

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