SBR Verona Real Course Video

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A brand new Real Course Video made in conjunction with SBR Coaching in Verona, WI. A challenging ride with plenty of hills interspersed by smooth recovery sections.

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Product Description

Filming Diary –

This is a strong 30 mile training ride hosted by riders from SBR Coaching – a MultiRider Center in Verona, Wisconsin. It was filmed in 2014.

For the duration you are following 4 cyclists as they traverse the rolling hills surrounding Verona. At times you’ll be challenged, but there is plenty of recovery as well.

Because this was filmed on an open course, the cyclists needed to stop for traffic at some intersections. For these, where the video speed slowed to a stop and would make for an unpleasant RCV experience, we’ve placed “static cover-ups” indicating these video corrections, as well as an indication of the direction the cyclists take.

This is not your typical “race-based” Real Course Video, but represents a potential for other MultiRider Centers to highlight some of their favored local rides.

Enjoy this course!

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