RacerMate One™ Software – For new CompuTrainers

SKU: R982-600-01

RacerMate One embodies all previous software development wrapped up into one slick new package. Includes all your favorite features; Power Training, 3D Cycling, SpinScan Pedal Stroke Analysis, and more!

Read more about RacerMate One HERE.

Read more about RacerMate One Software Requirements HERE.


– The RacerMate One Add-on is for new CompuTrainer purchases.

– If you already own a CompuTrainer with a RacerMate One controller, you can order the RacerMate One License HERE.

– If you own a CompuTrainer lacking the RacerMate One controller, you will want to order the Software upgrade, which includes a replacement face-plate sticker for the buttons of your handlebar controller. This re-labels the Controller buttons to help with the new functions in RacerMate One. You can find this upgrade HERE.



System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

For more on System Requirements please check the Software Requirements Sheet.

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