Puck Upgrade Kit

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Upgrading your CompuTrainer for Puck cadence sensor compatibility may require an upgrade to your Handlebar Controller. If your controller falls under Option #1 or #2 below it needs an upgrade. Whether this upgrade is something you can do – or whether you will need to send it to RacerMate for this upgrade – will depend on how well you follow these two documents:

Puck Installation Kit Upgrade PDF

Controller Upgrade Addendum PDF

If these documents are showing something you can accomplish, then you can choose a Full Upgrade kit and we’ll send you everything (less tools) to accomplish this upgrade.

If you are uncertain whether you can accomplish the steps outlined in the instruction documents the controller will need to be sent in for a FACTORY UPGRADE. For this, please request a RMA HERE and we will begin the process of getting your controller in to be upgraded. We will arrange when issuing the RMA whether to return the controller along with a new Puck.

Determining your Controller Version and Upgrade Version

Before choosing any Puck upgrade option you must determine your Controller version. To do so power-up the controller (at the Load Generator) and watch the controller display as it boots. It will first show all 8’s followed by a four digit version number (ex. 25.43, 45.43, or similar). This all occurs very quickly – so if you miss these numbers shut off the Load Generator, wait for the controller to go blank, and power it up again watching the Controller again. These numbers show within the first 2 seconds of powering on your CompuTrainer.

Option #1: Controller versions: 25.33, 25.41, 25.42, 25.43, and early serial number 45.43

These Controllers require the modification shown in the addendum instructions above. If you can accomplish these steps, then you can order the Full Upgrade kit in the drop-down menu below. You will receive a controller upgrade kit and your new Puck cadence sensor to install yourself. You will follow both sets of instructions with this upgrade.

Option #2: Controller version: 45.43 with serial numbers 39838HB-39936HB, and those – HIGHER-THAN – 40563HB

These Controllers do not require the addendum modification. If you can accomplish the instructions to swap the program chip you can order the Full Puck Upgrade Kit in the drop-down menu below. You will receive a controller upgrade kit and your new Puck cadence sensor to install yourself.

Option #3: Controller versions 41.62, 35.65, 36.10, 36.11, and 37.11

No Controller Upgrade needed for this upgrade. Please select the Puck Optical Cadence Sensor ONLY option in the drop-down menu below.

Option #4: If you want to proactively upgrade your controller, but purchase The Puck at a later date, select the Handlebar Controller Upgrade ONLY in the drop-down menu below. You will be sent only the controller upgrade kit.


For CompuTrainer Home & Business Parts Members, the standard 50% discount does not apply for this product as this is considered an upgrade rather than a replacement part. Instead, we are offering members a discounted rate of 25%.

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Add our optical cadence sensor and enjoy cadence readings and SpinScan™ without any direct-on-bike sensor, magnet, or cable attachment. The Puck detects your cadence by reflecting a light beam off of the bottom of your right side shoe or pedal.

Ideally suited for MultiRider Centers with multiple bike swaps happening every day – or for the home CompuTrainer setups where you simply want to reduce setup time and adding anything to the bicycle.

To add a Cadence Puck to an existing CompuTrainer, please read the various Option notes above to verify your existing controller and determine the correct kit option to purchase.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 4 x 3 in
Puck Upgrade Kit Level

Full Puck Upgrade Kit, Handlebar Controller Upgrade ONLY, Puck Optical Cadence Sensor ONLY