NYC Triathlon Real Course Video

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Athletes cycle for 40 kilometers through iconic New York highways and neighborhoods, including more than 1500 feet in climbing.

Take on a ride out of Manhattan on the famed NYC Triathlon course, featuring a challenging ride of climb after climb!

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Filming Diary –

The New York City Triathlon is the first 40K race we have produced. Hopes were it would be fast to produce, but hopes were dashed when the GPS data from both GPS’s (we use two for redundancy in case one fails) were chocked full of data dropouts (buildings, restrictive GPS?). This required days of manipulating data to get reasonable speed/time relationships with the video. And still, you might see an occasional warp speed video change or drastic slowdowns lasting a second or two about a dozen times through the course. Far better than the 100s we faced when we began working on it.

In general, the video came out pretty good. It is by far a different experience from what we’ve been used to producing the Ironman RCVs. For anyone who’s done both types of races, you’ll probably understand this. It is more a free-for-all style of race than the seemingly “more structured” Ironman. Every type of bike under the sun is on this course and the course is pretty tight in many places, so there are at least three or four crashes caught on film. But considering you can’t ride these roads (ever) apart from doing this race, maybe half of these cyclists were just out doing what they normally couldn’t do in New York City — ride their bikes.

We hope you enjoy this course!

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