Hand Cycle Stand

SKU: R982-048-07

Please note that the CompuTrainer stand does not ship with the Load Generator Mounting Bolt & Washer.


Additional Information

Weight 30.00 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 18 x 4 in


  1. :

    I do Endurance long-distance horse racing. I am beueddlfd as to what GPS I need. The one I have is not working out too well. I have to wear a sensor on my arm which is not desirable and it is hard to read while I am racing along with the fact if I do not put the heart rate monitor on the horse it keeps beeping at me to check wearlink and I have to press OK before it will continue.The one I purchased is a Polar Equine RS300X G1. In that $300 package there is the RS300X Watch receiver, G1 GPS sensor, and T54H transmitter which attaches to the girth and saddle. Can you please tell me which GPS would work best for me in your opinion? The main items I need while riding are total miles, MPH, total time, and a-nice-to-have is ability to read current heart rate.Thanks,Marge Clower

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