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Triathletes from around the globe will descend on San Francisco for one chance to attempt the impossible – ESCAPE from Alcatraz. Beginning at the famous Marina Green, triathletes take this challenging 18-mile ride through San Francisco’s intense hills, totalling over one thousand feet of climbing. Consistently ranked as a favorite event among triathletes, this event draws thousands each summer to find out who has what it takes to ESCAPE!

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Filming Diary -

Be prepared, if you’ve not ridden this course before, for a real challenge. This is a tough ride. And a rough one as well.

We thought Wisconsin had rough roads. San Francisco has, by far, the roughest roads we’ve captured on film — and, suffice it to say, it played havoc on the camera. The race is short by RCV standards, at a total of 17.7 miles (.3 miles could not be filmed in and out of transition, but appear to have been flat anyway), yet still we had to pull off the side of the road quite a few times to set the camera right. All in all, it’s still a great course though and we feel it was worth the effort to produce.

The race footage is well within the pack, so lots of cyclists are seen struggling right along with you, some having trouble on the hills as well. Fortunately for you, your ride on the trainer will feel much smoother than what they had to endure! Be thankful we have not figured out to add a Rumble Pack to the trainer.

We hope you enjoy the challenge and that it will help prepare you for the real thing.

- The RCV development team

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