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CompuTrainers are extremely durable, but they don’t last forever. In time your CompuTrainer will need parts replaced to keep it in optimal running condition. This Replacement Parts Program will help to protect your investment in CompuTrainer and maintain the effectiveness and quality of your bike training.

RacerMate discontinued the manufacture of complete CompuTrainers in March. Additionally, we are no longer able to service out-of-warranty CompuTrainers at our factory. Because of this, we created the Replacement Parts Program. It will enable RacerMate to purchase parts in larger lot sizes at significant price savings. The savings are then passed on to you with the membership discount of 50% off list price.

Again, while weighing your decision, please keep in mind that RacerMate will no longer be servicing CompuTrainer units in house with the exception of warranty repairs.

The Individual Home User Membership – $100.00 Cost for 3 Years for a Home User Membership. Memberships can be purchased at: (Note: Home User Membership has a unit limit of one Load Generator and/or one Handlebar Controller purchase per year, no limits on other parts.)

Belong to a team? Ride with a group? Go in with your friends on a Business Membership.

The Business Membership – $200.00 Cost for 3 Years for a Business Membership. Business membership is for MultiRider centers, coaches or groups operating multiple units. Memberships can be purchased at:
(Note: Business Memberships have no limits on the number of parts purchased annually.)
Orders for Membership must be placed online BEFORE May 31, 2017. Parts can be purchased at member pricing anytime during the 3 year membership.

To enjoy 50% discount prices, members must order parts online. Please visit to view the parts available under this program.


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