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Congratulations to Nina Kraft – Champion – Ironman Louisville – Oldest Pro Triathlete to win an Ironman at 45 years, 8 mos and 23 days!“Thanks for support with the CompuTrainer. I do my hard training on it, what helps a lot to hold the power:)) ”

Double Win at Ironman 70.3 Timberman

  Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ironman 70.3 Timberman double win

Congratulations for another exciting CompuTrainer Double Win at Ironman 70.3 Timberman. Leon Griffin was the men’s champion and Melissa Hauschildt the women’s champion. These CompuTrainer athletes are absolutely killing it out there!

Ironman 70.3 Steelhead double win

A warm congratulations to men’s champion Lionel Sanders and women’s champion Cait Snow, both receiving first place at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in Benton Harbor, Michigan. It’s always exciting to see these athletes train with a CompuTrainer and succeed with such incredible results.

Sarah Haskins Article 1 Website

          Throughout my pregnancy, maintaining my fitness was important. I believed this was important for the health of myself and my baby. Studies show that if you have exercised prior to becoming pregnant, that it’s a healthy lifestyle to continue as long as there are not any complications. My CompuTrainer was


When 5 podium slots and the top 4 women’s places are all taken by CompuTrainer athletes, it speaks volumes. Games and glitter aside, the focused training you get from CompuTrainer will take you to your top standing. Ironman 70.3 BoulderBoulder, Colorado Women1. Jodie Swallow (GBR) 4:07:372. Rachel Joyce (GBR) 4:09:003. Leanda Cave (GBR) 4:13:034. Rebekah


Simon Says: Ironman Race Day – How NOT to forget your stuff It seems like I have been planning and training for this event for months and now all of a sudden its only a few days away. So far everything has gone as I planned. I’m as fit as I could be, the right


Congratulations to Kate Bevilaqua – Champion Ironman 70.3 Busselton, Australia “Can’t live without it!! I am on it minimum 3-4 times a week! Intervals, Big Gear work, TT’s, ride the course of an up coming race and not have to deal with any traffic at all! There is no hiding on a CompuTrainer, just the


  Congratulations to Melissa Hauschildt – Champion Ironman Australia “No more stopping at traffic lights, negotiating traffic or cycling in bad weather conditions. I use the CompuTrainer for my quality bike sessions so I can get the exact workout I need with no interruptions.”  

Cody Beals – One of the best triathlete testimonials ever received since it’s from a new pro after his first pro race and after 4 months exclusively on a CompuTrainer and a previous history of mediocre cycling—not a minute outdoors and only 7 hours per week on the bike. He finished 5th two weeks ago

CompuTrainer is proud to announce the addition of our newest Sponsored athlete, Minda Dentler Minda Dentler added her name to the Ironman World Championship history books on October 12, 2013 with her 14:39:14 finish in Kona, becoming the first official woman handcyclist to complete this event. Only using her arms for 140.6 miles, Minda is


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