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ON THE ROAD TO KONA – Becky Paige from Massachusetts

by / Thursday, 15 September 2016 / Published in Athletes, News
becky-paige-1ON THE ROAD TO KONA – CompuTrainer Age Groupers that are Kona Bound.
Becky Paige from Massachusetts – AG – 45-49 – CompuTrainer User since 2010
“I am an assistant bike coach to Karen Smyers – we have a studio with over 24 CompuTrainers and coach well over 150 athletes using CompuTrainers exclusively.  How often do I ride CompuTrainers – almost daily during the fall/winter/spring months.   CompuTrainers help me dial in my training, I don’t know what I’d do without mine!  Not to mention I enjoy coaching athletes on them as well.  There are new options out there, but I believe in the CompuTrainer technology.   & Yes, I would encourage athletes to get one.”