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USA Cycling Talent Search Powered by RacerMate
Nation-wide Launch will Train, Test and Develop Elite Junior Racers
SEATTLE, Wash. – USA Cycling and RacerMate are proud to announce the USA Cycling Talent Search powered by RacerMate, a prodigious program to identify the nation’s young athletes, aged 15-18, with the potential to join USA Cycling’s top tier.
The intention is to begin preparing these cyclists to compete for spaces on the 2012 US Olympic Team, as well as the world’s top professional squads.
The talent search begins early next year. During January and February of 2007, up to 100 CompuTrainer MultiRider Centers across the US will host an 8-week training program consisting of three hour-long after-school training sessions per week.
The eight-week training program culminates in a 20-kilometer Time Trial test on the 2006 US National Time Trial Championship course reproduced on a Velotron, the bicycle ergometer used by top level universities and sports labs around the world for its UNPARALLELED ACCURACY AND REALISTIC simulation of cycling.
The top 10 athletes at the end of February ‘07 will attend a free 5 day training camp at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, with the opportunity to learn from accomplished members of the national cycling community, including designers of the testing protocols by Dr. Max Testa, world renowned physiologist and Dr. Eric Heiden, one of the world’s greatest athletes.
Sponsored by RacerMate, manufacturer of the world’s premier bicycle training and performance TESTING systems, the training camp is an opportunity for these riders to rub shoulders with national team members, and in some cases to participate in their training activities.
Other parts of the camp include evaluations by USA Cycling-certified coaches, road and track training, and lectures by key figures in training and racing.
“Young cyclists are the key to the future of our sport and it is critical we identify them early so we can carefully cultivate their talent and prepare them for competition. RacerMate’s national MultiRider network offers a unique opportunity to accurately test America’s top youth talent in a controlled setting, on a nationwide level,” said Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling and former member of the Subaru-Montgomery pro cycling team.
Chuck Wurster, vice president of RacerMate, Inc. said, “It is a privilege to be a part of such an important and revolutionary project in American cycling. RacerMate has been working towards this for years. Our equipment will provide reliable, repeatable data within a controlled indoor setting, with a qualified coach at hand, and which can be compared with performance data taken at different times in locations spread all across America.”
Upon the completion of this elite training camp, these FLEDGLING racers will be invited to join Jr. development teams in THEIR local communities and monitored by USA Cycling coaches, who will track their development in conjunction with THEIR local coaches.
Those cyclists who do not make the cut in the first year will be invited to stay in the system and have access to top level training advice and facilities at their local MultiRider center for another shot at it in 2008.
About CompuTrainer
RacerMate, Inc., manufacturer of the world’s first INDOOR BICYCLE wind trainer, has been the undisputed leader in bicycle training technology for close to thirty years. Over 22,000 CompuTrainer and Velotron owners have improved their biking performance by 10% to 30% on an endless variety of courses, competitive races, recorded performances, pedal stroke analyses, and fitness tests.  Athletes wanting to compete and train in a group environment can ride in CompuTrainer MultiRider centers around the world. To find the nearest MultiRider center, visit http://www.computrainer.com/multirider_fun.htm. CompuTrainer, Velotron and MultiRider are registered trademarks of RacerMate. For more information, please visit RacerMate, Inc., on the web at www.racermateinc.com.