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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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MORE POWER – MORE SPEED – Guaranteed, or your money back!
The Performance Improvement Guarantee
from RacerMate

Terms and Conditions
The original purchaser of a CompuTrainer may return it within 12 months of the purchase date for a refund of the purchase price if his/her cycling power (watts) and speed have not increased by 5% or more after training on it for a minimum of 3 days/week for 5 consecutive months. The following conditions apply to this Guarantee.
(1) The 5 month period begins as soon as the purchaser starts using the CompuTrainer. The date of first use must be within 6 months of the purchase date. The 5 month period ends 22 weeks from the date of first use.
(2) The Racelog option within the 3D software “Options menu” must be activated and the actual racelog.csv (which lists the dates and actual training times for the 22 weeks use on the CompuTrainer) must be provided.    
(3) The beginning power and speed used as the basis for the determination of the percentage increases are to be determined within 3 days of the date of first use. Power and speed are defined as the average speed and average watts recorded on the standard CompuTrainer 10K Time Trial course which can be downloaded from click here The beginning 10K time trial performance must be saved in the CompuTrainer 3D software to substantiate the initial average power and average speed results.
(4) At approximately one month intervals four additional 10K time trials are to be saved (recorded) using CompuTrainer 3D as evidence of the continuous 5 month training program with the last time trial recorded at the end of the 5 month period. 
(5) It is assumed that a CompuTrainer returned under this Guarantee will show signs of normal use. An adjustment in the refund amount of the original purchase price, excluding freight, will be made for damages which occur during return transportation, for missing parts,  and for water damage.