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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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Andy Potts 2004 US Olympic Team Member Speaks
My triathlon career began in the summer of 2002. After only 18 months in the sport, I had earned my way on to the US Olympic Team. My background in swimming had provided me with the aerobic engine I needed to compete on a world class level in my new sport. The physiological demands of cycling and running posed a new challenge to me that I was eager to conquer. My learning curve on the bicycle has been the steepest as well as the most rewarding. It had taken years of training, discipline and perseverance for me to accomplish everything that I did in swimming. Now, as a triathlete, I am reaping all of the rewards of the work that I did as a swimmer.
One of the most difficult challenges of triathlon is learning how to balance my needs to improve in all 3 disciplines. I have come a long way in a short time, but the benefits that I have received from the CompuTrainer are indescribable. Cycling has been the most unfamiliar aspect for me and with the help of the CompuTrainer and training under a controlled environment; I have been able to consistently improve on a daily basis. I have dedicated myself and this season to improving as a cyclist and overall triathlete. I have already built my strength and power from countless hours of riding in my living room.
RacerMate has helped me start to tap into my potential as a cyclist. The quality of each workout is guaranteed because all of the variables involved with cycling can be controlled. Wattage, cadence, and heart rate are the three variables that I change on a daily basis to get the results that I need. The one constant I can derive from each individual workout is the performance of my CompuTrainer. The consistency that I get with each workout has made me a better cyclist and a better triathlete. I have a smoother pedal stroke, I have developed a higher cadence, and most importantly I have improved my wattage output at threshold and max heart rates! To improve in all of the aspects while just riding on the roads would take me years. After training on my CompuTrainer on a consistent basis I was able to drastically improve all of these things in a matter of months. I’m not saying that it was easy, on the contrary – it was extremely demanding but the results are starting to show. I’m looking for even better bike splits in the races to come because of my work on my CompuTrainer!
Andy Potts
2004 US Olympic Team, Triathlon