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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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James Lawrence – TriAndGiveADam

“Hello- my name is James Lawrence. If you google James Lawrence triathlete a few links should come up. In 2010 I did twenty two 70.3  half ironman events in a year and broke the world record. In 2012 I  will be doing it again but in a big way. I will be doing 24 full  Ironman events and filming an entire documentary on it. I won one of your units at a race in Muskoka Canada and I have to say that I simply  love it. I started the 20 week program 6 weeks ago and on my first 30min test I pushed a sad 242 watts. I followed the program exactly and on my second test pushed out 297 watts. This was a huge increase for me and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks again for such a very cool product!”   James Lawrence Feb. 8, 2011

 “I have made it through 10 weeks on the program and my second test yielded another increase. Not as significant this time but still an increase. I went from 297 to 301. I was extremely happy to have busted into the 300’s for my 30 min test. The weather has started to warm up here and my friends have invited me to go on a few rides with them. I can’t believe it but I turned them down to train inside on my Computrainer…..I finally convinced my wife to try it out and she hasn’t stopped talking about how awesome it was!!! She is now hooked and can’t wait to ride again. Her words and I quote “This machine is life changing” She must have forgotten our wedding day and our five kids 😉 That’s an impressive machine.” March 2, 2011