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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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FREE! Progressive Power Build Training by Coach Rob Teixeira



Coach Rob has announced that he will continue making his Progressive Power Build Training program and the succeeding Peak phase training available for FREE!  


On bike strength specialist Coach Rob Teixeira has just completed his 12 week Progressive Power Base Training program and the results have been as promised…DRAMATIC!  Recreational and internationally competitive Computrainer users of all cycling disciplines have had great success incorporating Progressive Power Training into their programs which Coach Rob’s guidance.  Most riders reported an average 10% improvement to max power while many others have reported increases of more than 20%!  You can see the testimonials on our Facebook fan page.


Coach Rob is promoting the use of Progressive Power Training, which is the world’s only year round on bike strength training method which was created by Rob’s mentor the late Bill Edwards who’s book on PPT can be purchased here.


Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to use your Computrainer or Velotron to maximize your on bike strength.  Contact and communicate with Coach Rob through this website www.coachrob.tv or through his coachrobtv, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channels



·        Lewis Madden

I just recently completed Coach Rob’s 12 week Progressive Power Build Training. Over the 12 week program I improved my threshold power over 20%! I recommend his base training to anyone who wants to improve leg strength and stamina. I sent my results to Coach Rob. PSOP went from 740 watts to 960. FTP went from 220 to 240 during the 20 minute FTP tests. My cadence has improved from 85 to 95 RPM during the L2 endurance rides while maintaining the same heart rate. Much easier to stay in my training zones. My first L4 training ride of the season allowed me to easily push into into the 350 watt range and recovery quickly. Since I am a master level rider this improvement has been impressive.



·        Sven-Erik Olsson
‎@CoachRob, I incorporated PPT sessions on the CompuTrainer in my preparations for the Brevet season. When I look at the SRM data from the first two 200K brevet rides I find that average power and cadence has improved. Most significant is the increase in max power and max cadence.


·        04/03/2011
·        Christopher Teufel
‎@CoachRob, it felt good to start focusing on 5min power along with 20min. Since starting PPT Base, my 20min FTP has gone from 300 to 321 and my PSOP power has gone from 950 to 1200. Big difference on the road when hitting those pesky rollers! Now kick my a– with some great build workouts. The season is here! Thanks for all the help thus far.


·        Frank Dumont

  • Just wanted to pay a compliment to Rob Teixeira (coachrob.tv) and Computrainer. I have had a Computrainer for 6+ years but have recently opened a new door with Coach Rob’s PPT trial (on Computrainer home page). I am in the 9th week and my seated sprinting power has increased from 1014w to 1213w. Even without a training focus yet on Funtional Threshold Power, my FTP has increased from 259w to 293w. I am truly enjoying Coach Rob’s approach, his use of the technology, and the results to date. Thanks to Coach Rob and to Computrainer.
  • Rs Teixeira Thank you Frank for taking a chance on something new (which hopefully by next season and those to follow won’t be the case). I appreciate you posting your PPT results and the Kudos as well. As I’ve told others…the Progressive Power Build Program will continue to increases to strength and performance
  • John Edem Fiadjoe

Thx CPT and thx coach Rob for your program, its awesome … here are my results after 6 weeks of the base program week 1 PSOP (sprint) watts 752, 811, 869 basically solid 800’s (53x 21) for each sprint effort well just did my week 6 sprints and here we go…1175, 1128, 1137, 1206 in a 53×15 thats progress! for a social rider

  • Rs Teixeira Way to go John! Thanks for following. The Progressive Power Build Program is going to continue your progress in a BIG way!
·        Tim Matthews
Just finished coachrob.tv (Coach Rob) Computrainer 12 week series on progressive power. Started at 821 avg. watts (6 sets). Finished at 1002 avg. watts (6 sets) all in areo. For 22% improvement! Transitioned to a run and cranked out 4 sub 7 min miles with no trouble. All I can say is the program works. He didn’t charge for this and I don’t know him so this an honest review. FYI – I’m working towards number 8 and 9 ironman finishes this year and really enjoy having measurable points to determine if the training is working or not.
Cycling Coach Rob Teixeira studied and practiced advanced Progressive Power Training for cycling under the late cycling coach Bill Edwards.   Bill spent much of his lifetime developing advanced bicycle training methods that result in dramatic increases in cycling power.  Bill’s book describing his training methods can be purchased and downloaded from this website. (Click here)