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Sunday, January 19, 2014 I 2:02 AM   
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Polar Wireless Heartrate Now Standard Equipment on CompuTrainer
RacerMate is pleased to announce the release of its new Polar™ Compatible Wireless Heart Rate system; RacerMate part number R982-207-00.  After months of testing this new Polar™ wireless heart rate system fully lives up to the expectations our customers have grown to expect from their CompuTrainer system.  Both Polar™ Coded and non-coded capability means it is fully compatible with a vast majority of existing Polar™ chest transmitters already owned by most wireless heart rate customers; the only exception being the Polar™ WIND™ transmitters.  This new system also finally makes it possible for MultiRider™ systems to incorporate wireless heart rate with no potential for cross-talk when all athletes use a coded chest transmitter.  All CompuTrainer systems shipped beginning September 30th were supplied with this new system.
Connection to the CompuTrainer is similar to our previous wireless transmitter/receiver setup in that it plugs into the Handlebar Controller with the aid of an extension cable.  This also is to allow placing the receiver close to the chest transmitter for pairing purposes, but once paired it will no longer seek another transmitter and can be placed, as before, on the stem of the bike.
Please Note: Users of the previous CompuTrainer™ wireless heart rate systems should take note that the cables used in the older wireless systems, though they look very similar, are not compatible with the new Polar™ system.  The best way to distinguish the two are as follows:  The Polar™ compatible cable has a female end that is rounded; whereas the older cable has a female end molded with a hexagonal shape. 
Due to increased costs and in an effort to maintain current pricing structures during the change to the product RacerMate has made the chest transmitter an option rather than a standard item as it was with the previous system.  If a chest strap is needed to compliment the new Polar™ system, RacerMate has an ample supply of the Polar™ Wearlink™ strap as well; RacerMate part number R981-319-00.