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CompuTrainer Announces Renewed Sponsorship of USA Triathlon

PRESS RELEASE:  CompuTrainer Will Help Triathletes Train Better for the Next Three Years

SEATTLE, WA � CompuTrainer, the premier bicycle training and performance analysis system used by Olympic and IronMan champions, is proud to announce its renewed sponsorship of USA Triathlon. Since its first indoor trainer launched a movement 30 years ago, CompuTrainer has been touted by coaches and athletes alike as their most valued training tool. Over the next three years, competitors will see CompuTrainer at all national USA Triathlon events, including the National Triathlon and Duathlon Age Group Championships.

The partnership re-activates a long-time relationship with USA Triathlon that began in 1992. Now, after a five-year hiatus, CompuTrainer is pleased to re-join the USA Triathlon fold.

"This sponsorship allows us to stay very close to the whole triathlon community," says Chuck Wurster, vice president of RacerMate, Inc, which manufactures the CompuTrainer. "Triathletes remain our core customers. We can tell the performance-improvement story all we like, but nobody really knows much about it until they try the product. With its rapidly growing membership, it makes sense for us to be with USA Triathlon."

The senior vice president of marketing and communications of USAT, Tim Yount, was delighted to welcome CompuTrainer back, saying: "Over the years, the USA Triathlon coaching staff has realized the value of the CompuTrainer as a performance developing tool. Almost all the top notch triathlon coaches in the country use CompuTrainer. It is our first choice among indoor cycle trainers that we would wish to be associated with."

In 2004 the USA Olympic Triathlon team used CompuTrainer extensively to simulate the bike course. "CompuTrainer helped me build a very specific muscle memory that helped tremendously out on the course in Athens for the Olympics.  It is great tool to ensure that you are getting the exact type of workout planned and to have a consistent environment for monitoring improvement," says Susan Bartholomew Williams, the only USA triathlete to medal in 2004.

When CompuTrainer first joined as a sponsor, USA Triathlon�s membership was less than a third of today�s size. Its growth is due in a large part to companies, like CompuTrainer, who have embraced the sport and invested in triathletes. Today, USA Triathlon has 62,000 members, a number which is expected to increase to 70,000 by the end of the year. USA Triathlon expects younger athletes to comprise much of this year�s growth.

As USA Triathlon sponsor, CompuTrainer will include information in the four quarterly issues of Triathlon Life, the federation�s magazine mailed out to members, as well as editorial slots in the electronic newsletter. Over the next three years, CompuTrainer will double its presence at Triathlon events in the USA.

About CompuTrainer

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