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RacerMate Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Introduction of the "Original Wind Trainer"

If you own an Original Wind Trainer you may win a FREE
CompuTrainer model Lab3D with Coaching!

Owners of an "Original Wind Trainer" can enter a lottery for a FREE CompuTrainer model Lab3D with Coaching Software by sending in a photo of their Original Wind Trainer. Their name will be entered in the lottery which closes on December 15, 2006, when the winner will be announced here.

The Original Wind Trainer attaches to the bicycle seat post with a swivel mount and the wind fans rest on the top of the rear tire. The beauty of this design from the viewpoint of performance is that as speed increases so  too does the press-on force of the fans against the tire---thereby totally eliminating slippage even during rapid acceleration.   None of the subsequent copies by companies throughout the world have incorporated this more costly design feature; so to this day the Original Wind Load Trainer remains the best  performing wind load trainer of all time (but not the cheapest).
The fact that many Original Wind Trainers are still operational after 30 years also attests to the uncompromising quality and durability of all RacerMate trainers.   When you purchase a RacerMate product you receive the best performance, quality, and durability that are obtainable!  
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