Monday, March 20, 2006 I 10:16 PM   
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NEW - MultiRider 3.0 Software Soon Available

"WHERE THE ROAD MEETS THE LAB"  - This new 3.0 edition of the MultiRider Software adds a third screen for Team Racing which could become the most popular of all.  It simulates the authentic, dynamic feeling of riding in a pack and adds a new tactical element to indoor racing. As one professional team manager commented: "FANTASTIC! SPECTACULAR! This is really where the road meets the lab, guys. I just did a pacing session by drafting an earlier tempo session. The drafting worked great and was very realistic in terms of requiring low power output, but rapid speed adjustments. It takes a bit of getting used to, but simulates exactly what we're after. MultiRider 3.0 makes it possible to hold tactics sessions indoors, to teach riders how to best utilize their efforts."

Jay Gump, Webcor Pro Team
Conway, Massachusetts