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CompuTrainer MultiRider Breaks Into Big Time Bike Racing
The Twilight Criterium in Athens, Georgia, is one of the oldest and best known professional bike races in the U.S. On April 30th, 30,000 spectators will crowd into downtown Athens to watch 150 bike racers from the best professional bike racing teams race around a 6 square block course. Gaining a good start position is a significant advantage. Start positions will be set by the results of CompuTrainer MultiRider 10K Time Trials. Electronic bike racing will play a role in a regular bike race for the first time in history.
Start Grid Qualifying for 2005 Twilight
Winner Take All $1000 Cash !

Eight up CompuTrainer racing to create start positions for Saturday night's Twilight Criterium. Racing starts at 12 on Friday. The order of a 10K Time Trial on CompuTrainers will create the start positions for the Pro race Saturday night.  Racing starts on the hour, with sign in 30 minutes prior to each race heat. Each Pro Team will get two introductions and these riders are ineligible for the CompuTrainer Race. All others must qualify through the TT.  Participation is not mandatory but riders not participating will be issued the highest (or worst) start order positions (at the back).
April 29 - noon until 7 with new heats every hour
April 30 - 9 AM until 12 PM with new heats every hour
College Square Downtown Athens

All registered PRO 1 and Cat 2 by invitation riders participating in the PRO 1 2 Saturday night can participate. The TT is not required but recommended to create start position.
Friday time slots will first be assigned to Pro Teams. Remaining Friday time slots will assigned Tuesday April 26 by order of signup and continue on Saturday.
Start Position:
Riders will be issued a qualifying order number (not your race number) starting at 1 PM on Saturday. Entry into the start grid will be from this number in order. You must pickup your grid number by 3 PM Saturday from the CompuTrainer booth. During the PRO introductions riders at 8:45PM riders will be admitted to the start grid area. The top 5 riders times will be called to the line with the PRO Team introductions.
Heat Winners:
Each heat winner on Friday qualifies for a winner take all $1000 race at 9PM Friday night (entry is not based on time).
Unforeseen rules disputes will be decided by the organizer and are final.