Monday, January 09, 2006 I 9:06 AM   
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Many Age-groupers Do All their Bike Training on CompuTrainer. What''s the Result?
"RacerMate, just wanted to let you know that this last weekend I did a race in Phoenix that was the qualifier for the National and World Duathlon Championships. I was lucky enough to win the 55-60 age group and win an entry to the Nationals in Ohio in June. My bike time was 6th overall for amateurs and would have placed me in the top 10 of the Pro field. The CompuTrainer has been the only thing I have ridden since last April. I have not been on the road at all. I am convinced that the trainer is the best way to train. Just wanted to let you know.
Take care, Bob Macy"
(San Diego, California. March 1, 2005)